The Booking Process

November 29, 2017, Taylor Odgers
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Reservations in Action: The Booking Process

Now that you understand what happens behind the scenes of an online booking system, let’s take a look at how a reservation is processed. To show you, we’ll continue our example of The London Experience.

Here’s how an online booking experience would look:

Step 1- The Guest Searches for Availability

Mr. Roberts would like to book The Must-See Bus Tour of London for his family. He goes to the London Experience’s website, inputs his desired dates, and the number people in his party and searches for availability.

Step 2- The Guest Makes the Reservation

Once Mr. Roberts finds a time that’s right for him and proceeds to make the reservation, a couple things happen:

Mr.Roberts fills out the booking form that The London Experience has created for this tour.

Then he pays the deposit by credit card. The payment is processed by a payment gateway and immediately deposited into The London Experience’s bank account.

Step 3- The Guest Receives a Booking Confirmation

Once the reservation has been accepted a few things will take place:

  • The Must-See Bus Tour of London availability is updated in real-time.
  • The reservation will be added to the London Experience’s booking log.
  • And the London Experience will send Mr.Roberts a booking confirmation.

And that’s it! The process is clean and simple thanks to the way Leah set up her Booking Manager.

Of course, every booking system is different. Next, we’ll show you how to find the one that’s right for you and your business.

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