WorldPay Payment Processing

WorldPay is a popular payment gateway that supports many currencies. It allows you to offer your customers the ability to to pay in part, or in full at the time of booking.

Checkfront currently integrates into WorldPay by way of their hosted payment page. To make use of WorldPay, you’ll required an active account with WorldPay.


In order to process and verify the transaction has sent from WorldPay, you need to enable Payment Response. When you enable payment response, it will ask for a Payment Response URL. Please provide the url shown in your Checkfront setup (eg

You must also set a Payment Response Password in your WorldPay account, and supply the same password in your Checkfront Worldpay Setup. This is used when verifying the source of the transaction.

To enabled the WorldPay extension login to your Checkfront account, and navigate to the Add-ons / E-Commerce screen. From there you will see a list of available payment modules. Select WorldPay and supply the information requested:

  • Install ID: The Install ID from your Worldpay Account.
  • Payment mode: Capture will bill the customer right away. Authorize will only verify the funds are available, and put a hold on them. Please note you’ll need to login to your WorldPay account to capture the payment.
  • Payment Response Password: The Payment Response Password exactly as shown in Worldpay.
  • Enable test mode: Payments will go through the Worldpay test server.

Make sure you have enabled payment processing, and setup any appropriate taxes and e-commerce settings under in the Manage / E-Commerce section of Checkfront.

Test Mode

It’s highly recommended that you do an end-to-end test of your checkout before putting your site live. To do so, follow the setup instructions above and check “Enable test mode”. Creating a transaction as a customer and check to see that it shows up in your Checkfront account as paid, and within Worldpay. If you don’t have a website to test on yet, use the hosted booking page (eg: to test.

Test Card Numbers

You can use the following test credit card numbers when testing your WorldPay checkout:

Visa: 4917610000000000
Mastercard: 5100080000000000
Maestro: 6759649826438453

Use 555 as the CVC code and an expiry date in the future.

* Always remember to take your account out of test mode when you are finished.


WorldPay does not currently allow refunds to be triggered outside of their system for hosted payments. When applying a refund in Checkfront, it will process the refund and adjust the invoice but will not apply the credit in Worldpay. This needs to be done manually.

Similarly, you can not use the Checkfront Virtual Terminal (clicking on Add Payment while viewing the invoice in Checkfront) to apply a real payment.