Support Tools and Tips

We know that a great product is nothing without great support. We do our best to provide clear and informative support for your business. Please make sure your support plan is inline with your business requirements.


A picture speaks a thousand words. Sometimes an otherwise lengthy support ticket can be better summed up in a screen capture, or better yet a video cast of your issue.


Jing allows you to capture either a screenshot or a video of your desktop, quickly upload it and provide us the link. This does not hand out access to your computer, and only captures what you’ve recorded.

Jing is available (free) for Windows and Mac OS.

Install Jing

If you are using Linux, please see



Skype is the most popular voice and video communication tool available. It’s available on your desktop, smartphone and tablet devices.

When available, we prefer Skype for support sessions, one-on-one configurations and overseas communications.

You can find us on Skype under the username: checkfront. We all have our own skype accounts here, so if you are dealing with someone specifically, we’ll be happy to provide you with their direct account.