Merchant / PSiGate Payment Processing


Merchant is a specialized credit card payment processor with a core focus on e-commerce payment processing services and consultancy. Founded in 2001, it is Canada’s longest established provider of foreign and multi-currency capable merchant accounts.

Our Canadian clients utilize the PSiGate payment gateway. The PSiGate payment gateway delivers a secure interface for your website so you can accept credit card payments with reliable, real-time transaction processing.

The service includes:

The service includes:

• Ability to accept payments in both USD and CAD currencies at no additional charge.

• Credit card data is tokenized and stored in the PSiGate data vault so that you can re-bill credit cards in the future without having to store any sensitive card information in your own system.

• A virtual terminal is included so that orders can be keyed in manually.

• All of the payment currencies, virtual terminal and tokenized data vault are included at no extra cost.

• No setup fee or monthly fee.

• Preferred rates for businesses that trade a high volume of transactions.

Checkfront Setup

To enable the PSiGate payment gateway for your system, login to your Checkfront account and use the main menu to navigate to Manage > Add-ons > Payment Gateways.

PSiGate Select

From there, you will see a list of available payment modules. Select PSiGate and supply the information requested:

PSiGate Activate

Store ID: PSiGate provides a unique Store ID to merchants within the PSiGate Welcome Email that is sent to each merchant when a new store is created.

Passphrase: PSiGate provides a unique Passphrase to accompany each Store ID and authenticate the request.

Note: The Passphrase is case sensitive.