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Multiple Payment Methods - Checkfront

When it comes to making a payment for their booking, and providing you have enabled e-commerce on your account, your customers will be presented with the option to pay by credit card and/or PayPal, depending on your particular setup. But what if you wish to accept payment by some other means, a bank transfer perhaps?

Well, here’s how you can use Checkfront to provide multiple methods of payment to your customers!

Getting Started

First and foremost, you need to make sure you have an active payment gateway in your account, and you are set to charge the customer either a deposit or the full amount at booking time.

Disable E-Commerce on Your Item(s)

By unchecking the Enable e-commerce option in your item’s Advanced tab, you are telling the system to bypass the shopping cart for this item and send the booking directly to reserved status. You should disable e-commerce for all your inventory items.

Customize Your Notifications

The next step is to modify and customize the notification that will be sent out to your customer once the reservation has been completed. Assuming you have set your default booking status to reserved, you will need to edit the reserved notification.



To do this, visit Manage > Notifications and select the appropriate notification from the list. Modify the body of the notification as you wish, including all the relevant details such as bank transfer information and how to pay by cheque. You are also able to use a booking variable to create a link to the credit card payment page. To do this, add some text to the notification, such as “Pay Online Now”, highlight it, and click on the link button.

In the resulting pop-up window, choose <URL> as the protocol and enter {$BOOKING_PAYMENT_URL} as the URL. Click Insert to finish.

You can now preview the notification to make sure the link is working as expected before sending out these notifications to your customers.

That’s it! If your notification is configured to be sent out immediately, the customer will receive it moments after completing the reservation. They can then go ahead and make payment using the method of their choice.