Please note due to restrictions on access to developer tools we no longer support MoneyBookers. For a better offering we recommend using Stripe.

Moneybookers is an affordable way to offer secure and convenient online payments. There are no setup fees they offer reasonable transaction costs. It can be a good alternative to Paypal, especially if outside North America, the UK.

Checkfront makes use of Moneybookers Automated Payments Interface.
You must have a Moneybookers Business account and been approved for Merchant Tools. Note: we do not integration with Moneybookers personal accounts.

Moneybookers Setup

If you do not have a Moneybookers account you create one for free.

To setup Merchant Tools within, log into your Moneybookers account, and click on “My Account”, and then “Merchant Tools”. If you do not see Merchant tools, you will need to contact and ask that it be enabled.

Once in the Merchant Tools area, you’ll need to define a secret word. Also make note of your Customer ID.

Checkfront Setup

To enable Monebookers in Checkfront, login to your admin and go to Extend / Payments / Moneybookers. Supply your Moneybookers email address, customer Id, and secret word, and click Activate.

Remember to enable payments and set your preferences under Manage / E-commerce in Checkfront.