Google Wallet

Please note due to restrictions on the types of services that can be paid for with Google Wallet we are no support it as of April 8th 2014. For a better offering we recommend using Stripe. We’ll review Google Wallet at a later date should the offering change.

Google Wallet (Also know as Google Checkout) is a quick way to start accepting credit card payments for your bookings and reservations with Checkfront. Unlike most payment processors, Google Wallet requires no setup fees, no subscription fees, and no lengthy approval process.
Bookings are initiated on your booking page, and completed on Google Wallet.

Google Wallet is currently offered to merchants in the Unites States and United Kingdom.

Google Wallet Setup

To use Google Wallet, you must have a Google Wallet Seller Account. Note, this is different than a personal account used to purchase items online.

Once in your seller account, click on the Settings Tab, and Integrations on the sidebar. This will bring you to the integration settings page.

Make note of the Merchant ID and Merchant Key. Supply the API Callback URL listed under Extend / Payments / Google Wallet in your Checkfront account, and make sure XML notifications are selected. You also want to make sure you are using version 2.5 of the API.

Payment Settings

By default, Google Wallet does not automatically change a customers card without your confirmation. In this setup, your bookings will be set to Reserved, instead of Paid, with a balance owing till you login to Google and approve the payment. This can cause some confusion with the customer.

To automatically and charge the customer, navigate to Settings /Preferences in your seller account and select:Automatically authorize and charge the buyer’s credit card.

Checkfront Setup

In Checkfront click on the Extend menu item, and navigate to Payments / Google Wallet. Supply the Merchant Key and Merchant ID for your Google Seller Account and click Activate.

Remember to enable payments and set your preferences under Manage / E-commerce in Checkfront.

Sandbox Mode

Note if you wish to use the module in sandbox mode for testing, you’ll require a separate sandbox buyer and seller account.

For more information, see the Google sandbox documentation.


Please be aware of the restricted products and services that Google currently prohibits. These include travel packages, hotel bookings and car rentals.

Flat rate taxes can not be used with using Google Checkout.

  • Mini FAQ

  • We’ve enabled Google Checkout, and we’re able to make a purchase. But when we are redirected back to the receipt page, we’re sent back to the “Make a payment” page with no receipt. What’s wrong?

    You need to check your API callback URL in the integration section. Without this properly configured, Checkfront is not notified of the payment.