Checkfront Feature Requests

Feature requests are an important part of our ecosystem, and are used to help prioritize our development road-map. That said, requests alone do not define how the product advances. As this is a shared platform, we need to take into careful consideration how each new feature will impact all of our customers.

We are continually moving the platform forward, with updates often several times a month. But before committing to use Checkfront, we strongly suggest that the product should meet your needs as-is, and not on future promise, feature requests or warm fuzzy feelings (we get those too!).

The best way to make a feature request, is by using the feedback link from with-in your support console or via our member community forum or contact us directly. When a request is made, your feature will be added to our internal tracker. We prioritize feature request based on the overall need, and value added to all members of the system.

Please note: Not all feature requests will eventually make it into the platform. All feedback is valued, and has an impact on our overall product.

For more details see How We Manage Feature Requests on our blog.