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  1. • Subscription
  2. • Software
  3. • Network Location
  4. • Locale
  5. • System Users
  6. • Partner Accounts
  7. • Customers
  8. • Database Size
  9. • Media Cache
  10. • Total Bookings
  11. • Date Created
Where do I access this in Checkfront?
You can monitor your Checkfront system via the main menu bar at Manage > System


System Management

The System menu link takes you to a snapshot view of your system and some of its functionality. From here, you will find quick links to manage your subscription, users and database as well as access the current system status and updates.





Here you can see the current plan you are subscribed to.
Modify: Click here to change your plan or modify your payment details.
Close: Click here to view account closure/hibernation options.




Shows the current Checkfront software version on your account.
Updates: Click here to view the latest updates to the system.



Network Location

Shows the node on which your Checkfront account is located.
Status: Click here to view the current system status and network performance.







Shows your current locale information. This includes your locale, timezone and currency.
Change: Click here to edit your locale configuration.



System Users

Shows how many staff accounts you currently have available in your subscription plan and how many of those are actively being used.
Change: Click here to manage your staff accounts.



Partner Accounts

Shows how many partner accounts you currently have active in your account.
Change: Click here to manage your partner accounts.




Shows how many customers you currently have in your system.
View: Click here to view a report of your current customers.



Database Size

Shows the size of your current account database.
Export: Click here to export your entire system database in XML format. This cannot be re-imported into yours or any other Checkfront account and is for external use only.
Admin: Click here to purge various system records. This is particularly useful for clearing out sample records after testing your system, before going live with real customers. See this document for more details.



Media Cache

Shows the current size of your Checkfront media cache.



Total Bookings

Shows the total number of bookings that have been made through your account to date.
View: Click here to see a report of all your account bookings.



Date Created

Shows the date and time your account was created.