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Hosted Booking Page


Using the Hosted Booking Page

The hosted booking page is a quick way to start accepting bookings without the need for a website or any additional setup. This is available by default on your account by adding /reserve/ to your Checkfront URL.

For example:

In addition, you can pass further arguments to the url of your booking page that will alter the layout or items shown.

For example: to preselect a category you can use:

Arguments must be passed in a standard name value pair syntax, separated by an ampersand and url encoded.

For example:

The following arguments are supported:



Numeric category ID (found at Inventory > Categories) eg: category_id=3

In this example, choosing to display category ID 3 would show the customer items from the Horseback Tours category only.

Category ID

Multiple categories should be comma separated. For example: category_id=3,15 will display both the Horseback Tours and Bike Rentals categories.




Numeric item ID (found at Inventory > Items) eg: item_id=3

Inventory ID

In this example, choosing to display item ID 3 would show the customer the Valley Lodge (Single Room) item only.




To enable the ability to directly book an item and go straight to the popup booking window, add this argument to the hosted booking page URL along with the item ID.

For example:

Adding =1 after the popup argument, turns on this functionality.


Booking Popup

Quick Tip:

Just to change the subject for a second, you can, in a similar manner, direct your customers directly to the customer account login modal. To do this, use the URL:

Just make sure you replace demo with your own account!




Fast forward to a specific date. ISO 8601 format (eg: date=2016-12-24) or a date string (eg: date=next Friday, date=first Monday of next month).

start_date & end_date

Display a specific date range. ISO 8601 format (eg: start_date=20160714&end_date=20140714).

Booking Date Range



Create a tracking id which will be displayed on the invoice.

For example:




Automatically apply a discount code to the booking. Discounts can be created at Inventory > Discounts.

For example:




Display categories as tabs rather than a drop down menu.

Hosted Booking Page Tabs

If you are interested in more customization options including changing the look and feel of the booking page, please have a look at our website plugins.