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Daily List


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  2. • Category Filter
  3. • Batch Update
  4. • Booklet
  5. • Columns
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Where do I access this in Checkfront?
The daily list is accessible via your main menu bar at Booking > Daily List


Daily Booking List

The Daily List, similar to the Daily Summary, is a quick snapshot of the bookings you have for any one particular day. It’s useful for printing out at the beginning of each day and handing out to your guides and any other staff members who need to see who they should be expecting for a booking that day.

Daily Booking List

Let’s have a look at the different options available through this report, beginning on the left:


Date Filter

Use the date filter to select the day for which you wish to view the daily list.

There are two elements to the date filter:

1) Choose whether you wish to view bookings that are Starting, Ending or In Progress on the date selected. Make your selection from the drop-down menu.

2) Use the date picker to choose the actual date you wish to look at. A small calendar will pop up showing two months side by side. You can use the small arrows to navigate back and forth between months and then simply click on your chosen date to select it.

Daily List Date Filter

In addition to the standard date filter we just looked at, there is also a secondary filter which displays any upcoming dates that are close to the currently selected date.

Daily List Date Filter 2

This is a great shortcut which enables you to see, at a glance, which upcoming calendar dates have a booking(s) attached to them. The boxed number by each date depicts the number of bookings for that day. Each booked item will be shown separately in the daily list. This means that although there are only, say 2 bookings for that day, there might be 3 or 4 items shown in the list because one or more customers has booked multiple items. Make sense? You can see an example of this in the image at the top of the document.


Category Filter

Your report can be customized by selecting a specific category or catergories for which to view your bookings. To do this, click on the Category button and select your category from the dropdown list. You may choose more than one category if desired.

Daily List Categories


Bulk Update

The batch update feature can be accessed by clicking on the checkbox of at least one booking in your daily list (1). When you do this, a new Bulk button will appear immediately to the left of the category filter button (2).

The bulk button is comprised of two parts. Clicking the right side of the button, with the two black arrows inside, will open a drop-down menu, allowing to select or deselect all the bookings in one go. This will save time if there are a lot of bookings to select in your list.

Daily List Bulk Select

Clicking the main button, labelled Bulk, will open a pop-up window that will enable you to choose the bulk action you wish to perform. The choices are as follows:


Daily List Batch Update


Add Note: Add a quick note to all selected bookings in one go.

Batch Print Invoices: Creates a batch of all selected bookings, ready to print.

Update Status: Change the status for all selected bookings. Uncheck Deliver Notifications to prevent a confirmation being sent to the customer.

Check-in: Checks in all selected bookings. Great for the arrival of a coach party.

Check-out: Checks out all selected bookings at once.



The booklet enables you to select a number of bookings and compile them into a report that can be flipped though on the computer screen as if they had been printed on as an actual paper booklet.


Daily List Booklet


You can advance /go back through the pages of the report by either clicking in the top outermost corner of each page or by using the arrow keys on your keyboard. Click return to report to close this view and return to the daily list page.


Daily Summary Booklet




The columns menu allows you to choose exactly which information is and isn’t included in the report you are generating.

Daily List Columns

You can choose to display the standard system fields that come with Checkfront and/or any custom fields you have created on your booking form at Manage > Layout > Booking Form. Simply check a column to include it in the report or uncheck it to leave it out. You can change this on a report by report basis if you like.

To reorder the columns in your report, click and hold your mouse over the “dots” by each column title and drag it to where you’d like it to be. Click save when ready and your report should be updated with the changes you’ve made.

Daily List Columns Reorder



You can export a report from your daily list using the link in the top right corner, next to the columns button.

Daily List Export

After clicking on the export button, you will be presented with a pop-up window.


Daily List Export Dialogue


You are able to enter a name for the report and choose the output format. Current formats include:

• MS Excel

The report can be saved to your computer, an email or Google Drive.