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Google Chrome Web App


  1. • Install From Chrome Web Store
  2. • Launching the App
Where do I access this in Checkfront?
You can manage your Chrome Web App integration via the menu at Manage > Add-ons


Installing & Using The Google Chrome Checkfront Web App

Google Chrome, like other web browsers, has the ability to install web apps and extensions to further enhance your browsing experience.

Similar to a bookmark in your web browser, the Chrome App Launcher enables you to collect a suite of tools at your fingertips, with the ability to launch them, quickly, at any given time.

Checkfront has its own Chrome web app, which can be downloaded and installed from the Google Chrome Web Store. This app is free, however, it does require a valid Checkfront account.

Quick Tip:
To use this app, you must be using Google Chrome as your web browser. The app will not work with any other browsers, such as Safari or Internet Explorer. For more information on Google Chrome, go here.

This is a small, but useful add-on. The app provides quick access to your Checkfront Account from your Apps menu in Google Chrome.

Install from Chrome Web Store

Click here to Install from Chrome Web Store.

Once selected in the Chrome Store, click on Add to Chrome to begin installation.

Add to Chrome

When prompted, click Add app to continue the installation.


Add App



Launching the App

To launch the app, click on the Chrome App Launcher from your computer desktop. You should now see the Checkfront App and all you need to do is click on it!


Chrome App Launcher