Support Guide

Online Bookings with Dalpay - Checkfront

Dalpay is a payment processor that supports multiple currencies. There are no setup or monthly fees and they offer competitive rates.

Checkfront currently integrates into Dalpay by way of their hosted payment page. This allows your customers to pay in part or full at the time of booking.

Dalpay Setup

To get started you’ll need to setup your order page for Checkfront in your Dalpay account. This can be found under the “Order Pages” section of your Dalpay account. You can edit the default the default order page if unused, or request a new page id.

Please provide the following details in your order page settings. Remember to replace with your checkfront url.

  • Order page location:
  • PostURL:
  • Silent Post Password: A secret password use to verify transactions are coming from Dalpay.

You may wish to adjust some of the other settings for the order page, but you should consult with Dalpay as to the best setup for your account.

Checkfront Setup

To enabled the Dalpay extension login to your Checkfront account, and navigate to the Add-ons / E-Commerce screen. From there you will see a list of available payment modules. Select Dalpay and supply the information requested:

  • Merchant ID: Your Dalpay Merchant ID (numeric).
  • Page ID: The Page ID from the Order Page Setup.
  • Silent Post Password: Your silent post password.

Make sure you have enabled payment processing, and setup any appropriate taxes and e-commerce settings under in the Manage / E-Commerce section of Checkfront.

Test Mode

It’s highly recommended that you do an end-to-end test of your checkout before putting your site live. You’ll want to create a transaction as a customer and check to see that it shows up in your Checkfront account as paid, and within Dalpay. If you don’t have a website to test on yet, use the hosted booking page (eg: to test.

Your test credentails can be found under the “Test Order Page” link under Order Pages in Daypal. You’ll need to create a new test page, and make sure the AllowedIP’s include your desktop IP address, and that enabled is set to Yes. Note down the Name on card and test credit card number for your test.

Please note that Dalpay expires your test page after a hour.


Dalpay does not currently allow refunds to be triggered outside of their system for hosted payments. When applying a refund in Checkfront, it will process the refund and adjust the invoice but will not apply the credit in Dalpay. This needs to be done manually.

Similarly, you can not use the Checkfront Virtual Terminal (clicking on Add Payment while viewing the invoice in Checkfront) to apply a real payment.