Support Guide

Configuration Assistance

Configuration calls are offered by Checkfront as a way to quickly and efficiently setup your account, with the direct assistance of one of our support specialists, headache and hassle free.

During your one hour support session you will have the opportunity to share a screen with your representative. This enables you to gain valuable insights into the configuration of your items, schedule and general account settings.

Who is a configuration call for?

Configuration calls are great for anybody who needs to get their account configured quickly and with minimum fuss. Our support team is always on hand to answer your questions via email, but what if you could spend an hour, and not only ask the questions, but actually get to see a live visual demonstration on exactly how to achieve the setup required by your business?

If checking your email is about the most experience you have with web based products, or you simply don’t have the time to figure out the configuration on your own, it doesn’t matter, Checkfront is here to get you on the right track, the fast track.

What to expect during a configuration call

The purpose of the call is to get your new or existing Checkfront configuration up and running as quickly as possible. It’s a best practice to consider your needs ahead of time and create a comprehensive list of questions for your assigned support specialist. We can then review your questions/requirements before the call and put together an agenda to make sure you’re getting the most out of your time.

During the call, we will go over each of your questions and show you how to get the best out of the system for your business. We will also provide a general overview of the system reporting, e-commerce settings, notifications, booking form customization and anything else we have time for during the call. If we do happen to run out of time, we will provide a full follow-up via email to make sure everything else on the agenda is covered.

You’re welcome of course to invite anybody else to join in with the discussion. Once your call has been scheduled, we’ll send you an invite with instructions on how to login and join the meeting. This information can be shared with anyone else you feel should be part of the call, from wherever they happen to be located.

How do I schedule a configuration call and how much does it cost?

A configuration call with Checkfront costs just $99 for a one hour session. That’s great value when you consider the amount of time you’re going to save on your account setup, time that can better spent doing what you do best… running your business. Email us at or send us feedback through your dashboard, to get started. We’ll then send out an invoice, and once payment is received, we’ll be in touch to schedule a time that suits you.