Support Guide

Account: Support

Account > Support
Clicking on the Support link in your dashboard navigation opens a pop-up window with various ways to access our support documentation and reach our support staff.

Support Library

The first option you will see is the Support Library. You will see a list of popular help docs as well as some helpful links. If you can’t immediately see what you’re looking for, there is a search box to delve deeper into the support system.


Talk to Us

If you can’t find your answers in the Support Library, you are more than welcome to send your questions in to our Support Agents who will be ready and waiting to assist you. Click on the Talk to Us tab to get started.

If you’ve opened up a support ticket before, you will see a list of them in the resulting view.


To create a new ticket click on the  New Ticket button.


Enter a subject and your message before clicking Send to complete the action.

Quick Tip:
Sometimes it can be tricky to describe an issue you’re having using only words. Why not include some screenshots or a quick video to help illustrate your problem? Check out this document for more information.

Recent Updates

The third tab in the Support pop-up is Recent Updates. Here you can see the progress we have made in terms of updating the Checkfront software, fixing issues and introducing new features.