Introducing: Stand-Alone Package Items

Up until now, package add-ons have automatically adopted the settings of whichever parent item they were attached to. If somebody had booked a bike tour for three people and wanted to attach just one helmet, they would have no choice but to book three helmets, unless you booked each spot separately. The addition of stand-alone package items has increased the functionality of this process enormously.

You can now change the quantity and date of a package item, and the ability to do so has been highly anticipated.

Stand alone package item setup in Checkfront

What does a stand-alone package item look like?

One person books a tree-top adventure, but only one of them is brave enough to bungee jump afterward. Because this Checkfront user has enabled parameter adjustment for the add-on “Bungee Jump,” the customer can change a number of participants to one. Another example is if one person books a group of five for a ski trip, and two of those people need lessons.

One of the most useful outcomes of this feature, for which transportation companies in particular will be very grateful, is the ability to attach return trips. Let’s say somebody has booked a trip via boat for their partner and themselves. This boat does two trips a day to and from a certain island. Instead of having two separate items for “To the Island” and “Returning from the Island,” customers will be able to book their return trip within the initial booking.

To check this feature out, first go to your Inventory and select Items. Once in the Item Builder under the Packages tab, add on an item by clicking the Attach an Item button. After you select an item from your inventory that you would like to attach, a window will pop up that gives you the option to allow date and parameter adjustment.

Parameter Switch

As with every new feature, it will be interesting to see the ways our users get creative with it. We strive to consistently enhance our product, and we encourage you to be a part of Checkfront’s evolution by sharing your feature requests with us.

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