How Professional Services Sets Businesses Up for Success

July 31, 2019, Kyla Steeves

With everything else you have on the go, it might be tough finding time to set up your booking system just the way you like. Luckily, Checkfront’s Professional Services offers a personalized training session and customized configuration so that you can go live faster with an optimized account for your business workflow. Check out how other businesses benefited from leveraging the expertise of our Launch Specialists:

Spirit Bear Lodge

Bridget Orsetti, Office Admin/Reservations/Marketing

As an ecotourism and adventure travel business, Spirit Bear Lodge provides waterfront accommodation and wildlife encounters in the diverse Great Bear Rainforest — home of the Kitasoo Xai’xais people and elusive Spirit Bear.

Passionate about environmental tourism and business development, Bridget first discovered Checkfront’s booking system from a friend and started using it for a non-profit organization. Being a positive experience, she decided to get Spirit Bear Lodge on board, too. 

However, this all-inclusive lodge required a tailored set-up. By signing up for Professional Services, they got the assistance they needed to see how limitless the platform is. 

“During our launch engagement, if anything went wrong, we made a mistake, or we didn’t understand something, we just emailed Professional Services and boom, our Launch Specialist either fixed it or sent us instructions. It felt like a life-line.”

Bridget Orsetti, Office Admin/Reservations/Marketing

The Pedaler

Charles Horn, Owner

Offering bike tours and rentals, The Pedaler helps visitors explore Victoria the eco-friendly way. From regional trails to distinct neighbourhoods, they ride along while enjoying the local food and beverage culture. 

While searching for a booking system, Charles came across various commission pricing models. But he knew percentages would quickly add up and a subscription plan would be better for business growth. So, he went with Checkfront in the end. 

Professional Services also stood out as an appealing option. Since he couldn’t configure everything on his own before going live, a Launch Specialist saved him time by providing in-depth customization and a set-up that worked best for The Pedaler.

“It was great. Our Launch Specialist was very professional and spent a lot of time solving problems for us in creative ways. So I was very happy with the effort they put into making sure the system is useful to us.” 

Charles Horn, Owner

San Diego Bay Adventures

Gail Denham, Owner

San Diego Bay Adventures provides an exciting alternative for sightseeing around the natural harbour. By renting jet skis, kayaks and paddle boards, visitors can discover popular attractions — like the USS Midway Museum — while having an adventure on the coast.

For Gail, it’s essential that guests have the option to book outside of regular office hours. But booking software that charged a percentage for every reservation and integration didn’t seem worth it. So she looked for another option and discovered Checkfront.

Happy with a flat rate for their volume of bookings, Gail also decided to sign up for Checkfront’s Professional Services. Although she was already familiar with setting up reservation systems, she knew that Launch Specialists would get it done much faster. 

“I would definitely recommend using Checkfront’s Professional Services. Our Customer Success Specialist was great, a go-to resource. Everyone on the whole team has been helpful.”

Gail Denham, Owner

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