Payment Express / DPS


Payment Express is a popular payment processor in New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, and the UK. It allows you to offer your customers the ability to to pay in part, or in full at the time of booking and fully integrates into the Checkfront back-office app.

Checkfront currently integrates into Payment Express by way of their direct payment method. This provides a seamless checkout for your customers, and fully integrates into the Checkfront back-office app.


  • Virtual Terminal
  • In App Refunds
  • Multi-currency
  • Integrated Checkout


To enable the Payment Express extension login to your Checkfront account, and navigate to the Add-ons / E-Commerce screen. From there you will see a list of available payment modules. Select Payment Express and supply the information requested:

  • PxPayUserId: Your PxPayUserID as supplied by Payment Express.
  • PxPayKey: API Key

Make sure you have enabled payment processing, and setup any appropriate taxes and e-commerce settings under in the Manage / E-Commerce section of Checkfront.

For more information see: