Newsletter Scheduling and Content For Tour and Activity Companies (Video)

There are thousands of statistics all over the internet giving reasons on why everyone should be using email marketing. While some of us may feel a little jaded to all the emails we get from businesses we interacted with once or twice, there is a reason why it is used so much. It works.

The trick is to send booking emails that past and potential customers actually want and will find valuable. If you’re wondering, what do my customers find valuable?, we’ve put together some ideas around newsletter scheduling and content for tour and activity companies that will help answer this question and make putting together newsletters feel like a breeze.

Customer newsletters do not need to go out every week or even every month. Set a schedule that reflects the needs of your business and your customers. For example, schedule to send a newsletter when your company opens for the season, when a new tour or activity is being offered when a promotion is being run, and when you shut down for the season (if you do).

Another opportunity for sending out a newsletter may be around a holiday or festival in your area that relates to your company. There may be an Arts & Culture Festival that brings in many tourists to the area that your newsletter can focus around or a major holiday such as Valentine’s Day where you can promote your tours as perfect for couples.

Check out these promotional ideas for odd and unofficial holidays celebrated around the world.

Review last year’s bookings and look for any period where booking volume dropped a little and send a newsletter offering a discount during that period.

Beyond company updates and promotions, include recommendations for non-competing activities and accommodations nearby (this could turn into valuable partnerships).

Lastly, don’t forget to always include a call-to-action. A call-to-action is something like a Book Now button and they get recipients to act immediately when they receive your newsletter.

Newsletters that offer value give customers a reason to click through and make a purchase. They help your business stay connected and engaged with customers which encourage new and repeat bookings.

Checkfront connects to MailChimp so you can easily send your guests newsletters.

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