Local Marketing Guide for Experience Providers

Shifting your focus during COVID-19. From around the world to around the block.

Don’t have a local marketing strategy yet?

International travel isn’t expected to return anytime soon. But it’s looking like domestic travel will lead the way back and become the norm for a while. So, now is the time to pivot and tap into the local market. Are you ready?

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Get 52 pages of local marketing ideas

Here’s what you’ll learn:

Local keyword research

How to find the best local keywords and where to put them on your website to capture those searching on Google for things to do nearby.

Local SEO

Why you should claim as many local business listings as possible and how to optimize your listings with correct citations and relevant information.

Geotargeting ads

How to maximize your pay-per-click campaigns by targeting only a hyper-local audience who are eligible to book your experiences right away.

Plus a bonus chapter!

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