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Zoho CRM is a hosted Customer Relationship Management (CRM) application, part of the (much) larger Zoho Suite. Zoho CRM is a popular low-cost alternative to Salesforce and provides a free account for up to 3 staff members.

This add-on is available in your Checkfront add-ons area and provides the ability to automatically create new leads and contacts, or update existing ones in Zoho, when a booking is created via Checkfront. The add-on can automatically create a new event or note within Zoho and attach to it the booking summary.

If you are an existing Zoho user, this will ensure your customer records are kept in sync, and you can take full advantage of the many customer management tools of Zoho CRM.


Setup in Checkfront

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Login to your Checkfront account, navigate to Manage > Add-ons, then select the Zoho CRM tile. From there, provide your Zoho account login details and select the integration options you wish to use.



In the Module field, select whether your customers should be added to Zoho as contacts or leads.

In the Attachment field, you can choose the information you wish to attach. For most people, this will probably be event. Selecting this will add the booking details to your Zoho contact as an open activity.

Below these fields, you will see a checkbox labeled Overwrite existing records during booking creation. Here’s an example of how it functions if you were to select it…

Customer A makes a booking and includes their phone number which syncs to Zoho as a contact. Then, Customer A makes another booking, only this time, they don’t include their phone number. If they have the overwrite option enabled, it will sync the new information and overwrite the previous Zoho contact details, meaning the phone number would be lost.

This is just something to be aware of, as without the setting enabled, there cannot be any updating of contacts, leads, events or notes after the initial record creation. We recommend you check this option.

Once you’ve made your selections, click the blue Activate button to complete the setup. Your Checkfront and Zoho accounts should now be connected.


Testing the Setup

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To test your setup, create a new booking and set the status to Reserved, Paid or Deposit.


An email address must be supplied during the booking process, otherwise you will not be able to click on the link at the bottom of the invoice to access the contact/lead in Zoho.


You should see the new data appear in Zoho, including the customer contact details and booking information.



You can quickly access a customer record in Zoho by clicking on the Open in Zoho CRM button at the bottom of your invoices in Checkfront.



Conversely, you can also access the booking in Checkfront via the booking ID link in Zoho. Please note however, this is not hyperlinked, so you will need to copy the URL to your clipboard and then paste it into your web browser.



In order for a booking in Checkfront to sync with Zoho, an email address must be included. If it is not, you will see the label Not Synced with Zoho. Email address required at the bottom of the invoice instead.



In order to remedy this, all you need to do is edit the invoice in Checkfront and add the customer’s email address. Once you have done this, the clickable link to open the Zoho contact or lead will re-appear.


Updating & Syncing Data

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Data collected during the initial booking will be synced with the contact/lead in Zoho. Checkfront’s integration with Zoho makes updating that information a seamless process. If you make a change to the booking in Checkfront, the data will be immediately updated in Zoho also. Please note, this is just a one-way sync. Editing the data in Zoho does not update Checkfront.

So, let’s look at a booking and see how the information you enter in Checkfront translates to the contact/lead in Zoho.



Above, is the information provided to Checkfront during the booking process. As you can see, the customer has provided most of the details asked for but has missed out the city part of the address. Below is what you would see in your Zoho account.



Not to worry though. All you need to do is pull up the invoice in Checkfront and edit the address to include the city.



After clicking Update, the invoice will now reflect the change and the record in Zoho will be updated immediately to include the city too!



We may add further integrations with Zoho in the future.


Zoho limits the number of API requests you can make in a given day based on your plan. A new booking from Checkfront can use up to three API calls. Please ensure the Zoho plan you are subscribed to is in-line with the number of bookings you expect on a daily basis


If you have any configuration issues, or special requirements for Zoho CRM, please open a ticket and let us know.

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