Tiered Pricing Structure

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If you’re reading this document, chances are you’ve already configured the basic pricing of the items in your Checkfront account. You may have even added some group pricing to offer your customers a discount for booking a larger party. But what if you want to offer a discount based on the number of days or nights booked. After all, a customer booking an entire week should get a slightly better rate than a customer booking just the one night, no?

Well, that, of course, is up to you, but if you would like to offer such a deal, this document and supporting video will show you how to do it!


Getting Started

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Looking at the Pricing tab for this accommodation item, you can see a base price of $270 per night. By creating a tiered pricing structure, you can actually add new price points alongside this, which will change the rate for the customer based on the parameters outlined in your rules and events.

Item Pricing 2

So, let’s get started and have a look at how the rules should be configured in your account.


The rules are the first step when creating a tiered pricing structure for your account. They are particularly important as they are what determine the number of days for each of the different tiers. In this tutorial, we’ll make 3 new pricing tiers: 1-2 Days, 3-5 Days and 6-7 Days.

Go to Inventory > Rules in your dashboard to get started. You will see your default ruleset on the screen, but we’ll ignore that for now as it is not required for what we’re doing. If you have any minimum/maximum day/night rules configured here though, you’ll need to remove them or they will clash with what we’re about to do.

Over on the left, click on the + New Rule Set button.

New Rule Set

You will be prompted to enter a name for the rule set. Input something that will make sense to you later on and allow you to easily identify the different rule sets. In this case, 1-2 Days will be fine.

Tiered Rules Name

The next step is enter values for the minimum and maximum duration rules. These are the only rules we need to update in the rule set. Enter 1 for the minimum duration and 2 for the maximum.

Tiered Rules Enter

This means, that any booking between 1 and 2 days will trigger this ruleset and the attached event, which we will get to shortly.

Repeat this process and create rule sets for 3-5 days and 6-7 days. Make sure you set the appropriate minimum and maximum number of days for each. When complete, you should have 3 new rule sets ready to be applied to their matching events.

Tiered Rules All


It’s now time to create events so the rule sets we just created can be put into action. You’ll find your events page at Inventory > Events in the Checkfront dashboard.

New event

You will need to configure a new event for each of the rule sets created. Click + New Event (top left), to create the first one.

Tiered Events Create

Since we’re applying a tiered structure to the events, it is necessary to configure them as special events. This enables each event to override the pricing of the previous one, once the parameters defined in the rule sets have been met.

The event name should be something that will make sense to your customers as it will be seen by them during the booking process and on their subsequent invoice. It’s usually best to duplicate the name of the rule set you’ll be attaching, in this case 1-2 Days.

The pricing method for the tier really comes down to your own individual preference. You can choose a dynamic price, which will make the adjustment based on a set amount or percentage of the booking. Or, you can choose to create a new price. This allows you to input a very specific price which will not fluctuate dependant on the original item price. We’ll go with that option for this tutorial.

Set the recurrence however you wish and then choose the rule set you created in the previous step.

Finally, select the item(s) you want this event to be applied to. For this tutorial, we’ll just go with the Valley Lodge (Single Room). When ready, save the event.

This process needs to be repeated for the other events in our pricing structure. When you’ve completed that, there should be three events in your account with the relevant rule set attached to each.

Tiered Events List


Updating Tiered Pricing

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And that’s it! The tiered pricing structure is now in place. All that’s left is to update the pricing and perform a quick test to make sure it’s working.

Back in the item’s Pricing tab you should now see pricing bands for each of the events you have created. You will only see these if you chose to create a new price in the event. All you have to do now is input the pricing for each tier.

Tiered New Pricing

Now, when a customer chooses their dates during the booking process, the price per night will automatically adjust depending on the number of nights selected. Make a test booking to see it in action and make sure it’s performing as you expected.

Tiered Pricing Test

As you can see from the example above, the customer selected 4 nights during booking, which triggered the 3-5 nights event and adjusted the pricing accordingly.

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