Setting Your Hours of Availability

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At Checkfront, we recognize that every business is different, and while one company might wish to offer their services on a 9 to 5 basis, others maybe require a more round the clock availability.

To account for these differences, we’ve made it easy for you to change the hours of business operation on a daily basis, meaning you are free to set different availabilities for different days of the week.

To get started, visit Manage > Setup > Calendar in your main menu bar.


Set the Allocation

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Business Hours Setup


Once on the calendar setup screen, you will see various options which can be selected/deselected, depending on your requirements. For example, you can allow hourly bookings to exceed one day or allow multi-day bookings to span days and hours that your business is closed. You can select which days of the week your business is open and also decide which day of the week you would like your calendar to start, Sunday or Monday.

Customize Hours of Availability

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The first option on the page is labeled Customize Hours Available. Checking this option will open up a list of business hours for each day of the week.


Customize Hours Available


From here, you can enter an opening time (1) and a closing time (2). If a particular day is open 24 hours, you can click on the 24h button to automatically update the times (3). Finally, you may uncheck a day if it’s not open for business (4).


Hour Setup


If you would like your hourly bookings to begin and end on different days, you will need to make sure you have chosen the 24 hour option for those days.

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