Logging into Checkfront

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When logging into Checkfront, you will need your Login ID and Password. Either yourself or your account administrator would have created the password when the account was first setup.

To get started, navigate to the login page at your account URL and enter your Login ID or Email Address. Enter your password in the field below and click on the blue Log In button to access your account.




Your account URL will be something like demo.checkfront.com. If you don’t know your account URL, click here and enter your email address. This will lookup the URL for you and connect you to the login page.


Failed Login Attempts

If you’re not sure of your login credentials, you will have 6 attempts to try and access your account. If you fail to gain access, you will need to wait for a period of 30 minutes before you are able to try again, at which point you will receive another 6 attempts.

Alternatively, you can click on the Forgot Password? link to change your password, as described below. This will enable you to create a password you can remember and avoid the 30 minute waiting period.


Stay Logged In

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You’ll notice an option in the login window to stay logged in.




If you check this box, your web browser will remember your login for 5 days and sign you in automatically on your return. If you log in again on days 1-3, the system will reset and remember you for another 5 days. If you log in on days 4-5, the system will not reset and you will need to log in again on day 6.


Forgotten Password/Login ID

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If you have forgotten your password or Login ID, you can reset it using the Forgot Password? link at the bottom of the login window.




From here, you will need to supply the email address associated with your account. An email will be sent to you with a link that allows you to reset your password. Please check your junk mail folder if you do not receive the email.


Reset Password Window


After entering your email address (1), click Next (2). You will then see a confirmation message on the screen.




Go to your email account, making sure to check the junk mail folder, if the email from Checkfront cannot be found. You will see a link in the email. Click that link to continue.

If it’s your Login ID you’re looking for, you will find that just above the link. See the screenshot below for an example:


Password Reset Email


After clicking on the password reset link in your email, you will be taken to another popup window where you can actually change the password.


Reset Password (1)


Enter your new password (1), then confirm it (2) and, when ready, click the Update and Login button (3) to complete. As long as the passwords match, you will now be logged in and redirected to your account dashboard.


Google Apps Login

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If you are using Google Apps Authentication and have turned off the traditional Checkfront login, you will be automatically signed in and redirected to your Checkfront dashboard. If this does not happen, login to your Google Apps account through Google and then return to Checkfront and try again.


Google Apps Login


If you have activated Google Apps and chosen to offer the traditional Checkfront username and password login option, when arriving at the login screen, you will be presented with both options. If you click on the Google option and are already signed into Google, you will be signed in and redirected to your dashboard. Otherwise, you may sign in with your Checkfront username and password, as described earlier in this document.

For more on Google Apps Authentication, click here.

Mobile Apps Login

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If you are logging in via our Mobile Apps for iOS or Android, you’ll need to provide the same credentials as in the web app, along with your Checkfront unique URL (e.g. demo.checkfront.com).


Mobile Apps Login


If you have Google Apps connected and it’s configured for Google Login only, you will still be able to sign into the mobile app using the traditional Checkfront username and password. The mobile app does not currently support Google Apps login.


Need an Account?

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Don’t have an account with Checkfront yet? Visit www.checkfront.com/start to create your free, no obligation 21 day trial now!


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