Monthly Booking Volume Report

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The Monthly Booking Volume report is a snapshot of your monthly number of bookings, quantity sold and monetary totals for the past 12 months (default). The amounts shown are a summary of the booking costs and do not include any transaction data (monies received). The amounts also include any booking, regardless of payment status, with the exception of cancellations which are not included.


Report Monthly Booking Volume


The range can be modified using the Date button just above the Date column.


Report Monthly Booking Volume Custom Date


Clicking on a month in the report will open up another report showing the individual bookings made during that month.

The visible columns are as follows:

Date: Months for which reports are available in the date range selected. Clicking the column title will switch between ascending/descending views.

Bookings: Total number of bookings made for that month.

Qty: Total inventory booked as part of those bookings in the previous column. This might be the total number of tour spots sold for that month.

Total: Revenue generated from the bookings that month.


You can export your monthly booking volume report using the link in the top right corner. You are able to enter a name for the report and choose the output format.


Report Monthly Booking Volume Export


Current formats include:

MS Excel

The report can be saved to your computer, an email or Google Drive.

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