Cash-Out Report

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The Cash-out report is a quick view of the bookings and related transactions for any chosen day, plus bookings that include the date in their range i.e the selected date is anywhere between the bookings absolute start and end dates. On the left, in the Ledger table, you will see the customer name and booking number, the status of their arrival, the total of their booking and the amount paid/owing. Clicking on the booking number will open up the invoice in another screen.




In addition to the ledger table, you will find information on the payment gateway(s) used to process the transactions, which specific cards were used and the individual transaction totals. You can also see a summary of transaction sources such as the website or a staff member.

To change the report date use the date selector field top right.

If you have bookings that are scheduled to begin on the date selected, you will also see a box in your report labeled Deposits Redeemed.


Cashout Report Deposits


This shows details on any payments that were made towards those bookings, prior to the current day. The balance owing is the balance at the start of the current day, not the total balance on the invoice.

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