Activity Log

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The activity log is a comprehensive journal of all the events that occur in your system. It can be used to monitor staff, partner and customer activity, as well as locate and identify problems that might occur during regular system usage.


Data Columns

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Your activity log is divided into the following columns:

Date and time of the event’s occurrence.


Who initiated the event. If created by a staff member, their nickname will be listed here. If created from an external website, [website] will be shown. In both cases, the originating IP address will also be displayed.


The type of system activity the event is related to e.g. ACCOUNT, BOOKING, EMAIL.


Identifies the event that has occurred in the system.


This column will display the booking ID or item SKU where relevant.


Any extra information recorded at the time of the event.


Column Management

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Over on the right side of the screen, you will see a button labeled Columns. This allows you to configure which columns are visible or not in the activity log.


Click on this to open the columns management window. Simply uncheck any columns you don’t wish to include. Reorder columns by clicking on the pattern of dots to the left of each one and moving it into a new position.



Report Filters

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It’s easy to customize the activity log to view targeted activity information from within the system. Above the log you will notice several menu options as follows:


Opening this menu will give you the ability to view the activity log for a specific period of time such as the last 30 days or week. There is even the option to choose a custom date range.


This menu allows you to filter the log by either system events, such as account logins, or booking events, such as emails being sent out and new bookings being initiated/completed. The booking log stores information on bookings for 60 days after the completion of the booking. Other information on the booking is stored permanently within the booking itself.


The staff log records activities and events initiated by a logged in system agent or administrator. This includes account logins, password resets, and configuration changes. Events are held in the staff log for 4 weeks from the date they were created.


This menu enables you to filter the information by info, warning or error.


You can, of course, combine the report filters to view, say, all warnings on a particular staff member’s account between a specific date range.


You can export a report from your activity log using the link in the top right corner, next to the columns button.


You are able to enter a name for the report and choose the output format.




Current formats include:

• MS Excel

The report can be saved to your computer, an email or Google Drive.

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