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Braintree is a wildly popular payment processor. It allows you to offer your customers the ability to pay in part, or in full at the time of booking and fully integrates into the Checkfront back-office app.


Before You Begin…

In order to use this guide, you must have a Braintree account as well as a PayPal account and your business must be located in the United States. Please click here if you are looking for the Braintree Direct setup guide.


One nice feature that Braintree has is the ability to store and re-bill a customer’s credit card as needed. For instance, if you currently charge a deposit in Checkfront, you can complete the payment and/or add to the booking, without needing the credit card details again.

Braintree is priced competitively at 2.9% + 30 cents per transaction for Visa or Mastercard. There are no monthly fees or extra fees for refunds. If you choose to accept American Express for CAD transactions, those will be priced at 4.0% and 30 cents per transaction.

Checkfront currently integrates into Braintree by way of their direct payment method. This provides a seamless checkout for your customers and fully integrates into the Checkfront back-office app.


• Virtual Terminal
• Re-billing
• Multi-currency
• In-App Refunds
• Integrated Checkout
• Live / Test environments


Setup in Checkfront

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To enable the Braintree extension login to your Checkfront account and navigate to Manage > E-Commerce. From there you will see a list of available payment modules, under the section labeled …payment methods available to United States.



Select PayPal Powered by Braintree and click on the Connect with Braintree button in the pop-up window.



At this point you will need to choose one of three integration options. These are Sign Up with PayPal, Sign Up with an Email Address or Sign In if you already have an account.


If you DON’T already have a Braintree account… Enter your email address and a password in the fields provided, then follow the steps to create your new account. Or, click on the login link at the bottom, highlighted in red below and select PayPal as your login method.

If you DO already have a Braintree account… Click on the login link at the bottom, highlighted in red below.


Login to Existing Braintree Account

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If you are already an account holder with Braintree, click on the Login link at the bottom of the content area (see screenshot below).



Enter your credentials to continue.



Your Braintree username might be your email address with which you created your account.

Once you’ve entered your username and password you’ll be asked to authorize Checkfront’s API access to your account.



Click on the Agree and Return to Checkfront button.


Login with PayPal

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If you already have a PayPal account and are located in the United States, you can choose to use your PayPal username and password to log into the Braintree sandbox or production environments. While this does not link your PayPal and Braintree accounts in any way, it does afford you the convenience of using only one set of login credentials for the two separate accounts.


Enabling PayPal Login to Your Braintree Account

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To enable PayPal login, you must already have established both a Braintree and PayPal account. Complete the following steps to enable PayPal login for your Braintree account.

1. Log into the Braintree Control Panel with your existing credentials

2. Navigate to Account > My User



3. Under Login with PayPal, click Enable



4. For security purposes, enter your Braintree account password when prompted



5. When prompted, click Log In with PayPal to replace your current Braintree login



6. Enter your PayPal user credentials in the PayPal pop up and click Log In



Your Braintree account is now configured to accept login using your PayPal credentials. You should see a success message at the top of the screen to confirm this.



To log in to Braintree using your existing PayPal account, click on the PayPal button from the Braintree login window, as seen in the previous section and highlighted in red below.



After clicking this button, you should now see the PayPal login screen.

Enter your PayPal account credentials and click on the blue Login In button below.



Before continuing, you will need to agree to share some of your PayPal profile info. as well as agree to Braintree’s privacy policy and user agreement.



Simply click the blue Agree button to do so.


Make sure you have enabled payment processing and set up any appropriate taxes and e-commerce settings. If you don’t do this, you won’t be able to process live payments


Sandbox Mode

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It’s highly recommended that you do an end-to-end test of your checkout before putting your site live. To do so, follow the setup instructions above and click on the Sandbox link as shown in the image below.



Create a transaction as a customer and check to see that it shows up in your Checkfront account as paid and within Braintree also. If you don’t have a website configured yet, use the hosted booking page (eg: to test.


Test Credit Card Numbers

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You can use the following ficticious credit card numbers when testing your checkout:

Visa: 4111 1111 1111 1111
Mastercard: 5555 5555 5555 4444
Amex: 3714 496353 98431

You can use any CVC code, and an expiry date in the future.

* Always remember to take your account out of test mode when you are finished.
* Amounts between $0.01 – $1999.99 will simulate a successful authorization



Mini FAQ

Q. When testing I get the following error message: Cannot process – Setup error.
A. If you check your Activity Log ( reports/log ) an error message will show: “Amount must be at least 50c” (dependent on currency)

Increase amount to test higher than the amount mentioned in the log.

For more information see or

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