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Mollie is a payment gateway for Belgium and the Netherlands, offering payment methods such as credit card, iDEAL, Bancontact/Mister cash, PayPal, SCT, SDD and others. Mollie’s services are easy to use and very reliable.

To integrate the payment gateway with Checkfront, you will need to obtain an API Key directly from Mollie. This can be found within your Mollie dashboard and we’ll show you how to do that below.


Setup in Mollie

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As mentioned above, you will need to obtain an API Key from Mollie, for use with Checkfront. To do this, log into your Mollie dashboard.

From your configuration menu, top right (1), click on the Settings link (2).

Mollie Website Profile API

From there, click on the Website Profiles button (3). If you haven’t created a website profile, you’ll need to do that now.

Then, once inside the website profile you have created, click on the API Keys link (4).

Mollie API Key

You will see two fields for API keys, a live API key and a test API key.

You will receive a live API key once your website profile has been verified by the team at Mollie.

Until then, you are able to use the test API key for the purpose of configuring and testing out the connectivity with Checkfront.

For the purpose of this user guide, Checkfront was supplied with a test account at Mollie and as such, our experience and guidance is based on that.


Setup in Checkfront

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Now that you have an API key from Mollie, it’s time to head back over to Checkfront and continue the integration there.

From your Checkfront dashboard, navigate to Manage > E-commerce from the main menu.

Locate the Mollie payment gateway tile, hover over the name label and click on it.

Mollie Gateway Activate

The configuration window will pop up with a field to input the API key you just obtained from Mollie. This is a required field, so enter the API key in there.

Below this is a field where you can change the message that is displayed on the payment page when a transaction is still pending. Otherwise, you can just leave the message as it is.

Click the blue Activate button when you are ready.


Mollie Integration Complete


Integration is now complete!


Making a Booking

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Once the payment gateway is active, it will be ready to use by you and your customers.


If you’re ready to take live payments from your customers, make sure you have entered your Live API Key into the setup window. If you are using the Test API Key, your customers will not be able to input their credit card details and no payments will be taken.


When the customer arrives at the payment screen, during the booking process, they should see a copy of their invoice and the Mollie Payment Gateway logo to its left. Just underneath this is the green Process Payment button.

Mollie Process Payment

The customer will click on this to continue the booking.

At this point, the customer will be taken to where their payment will be processed. They will be asked to choose their method of payment. Depending on the methods you selected when creating the Website Profile in Mollie, you will see a view similar to the one below. For the purpose of this user guide, we will select Credit Card Payment.


Mollie Select Payment Method


Ordinarily, the customer would now input their credit card details into the system. Since Checkfront is operating in a test environment for the creation of this user guide, we are not able to show you what that looks like with a real credit card number. Instead, we can simply choose to create a successful transaction or one that is declined.


Mollie Successful Payment Button


First of all, we’ll go with a successful transaction.

Once the payment has processed, the customer will be returned to Checkfront and presented with a copy of the invoice. In our scenario, a deposit only is required at booking.


Mollie Successful Invoice


As you can see, the booking status has been changed to Deposit and the payment has been recorded.


Failed Transaction

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Mollie Failed Payment


If instead, we’d chosen to fail the transaction, the system would simply return the customer to the payment method selection window.


Mollie Failed Return


In our testing, there doesn’t appear to be a failed message displayed to the customer, when a transaction doesn’t complete. If you discover otherwise in your live environment, please feel free to let us know!


Managing Payments

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Now that a successful payment has been recorded, you can review and manage it from within your Checkfront dashboard. Navigate to the invoice in question and click on the Transactions tab to review details of the payment.


Mollie Transactions Tab


Clicking on the Details tab, as highlighted below, will open a pop-up window containing additional information such as the Transaction ID.


Mollie Details Window


To view the raw transaction data from Mollie, click on the Query Mollie link.


Refunding a Transaction

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To refund a transaction, click on the Refund button, as highlighted below.


Mollie Refund Window


When complete, the Transactions tab will update to reflect the changes.


Mollie Refund Transaction


Since Mollie supports in-app refunds, the transaction will be updated in your Mollie account also and the payment will be returned to the customer’s credit card.


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