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Configuring eWAY For Use With Checkfront

An award winning payment processor popular in Australia and New Zealand, eWAY has the ability to connect with your Checkfront Booking Manager for collecting payments from your customers. This integration enables your customers to pay in part, or in full at the time of booking, depending on how you have configured your items.

Checkfront currently integrates into eWAY by way of their direct payment method. This provides a seamless checkout for your customers and allows them to make purchases without leaving the booking portal.


  • Virtual Terminal
  • In-App Refunds
  • Integrated Checkout
  • Supported Currencies Include: AUD, NZD, EUR, CAD, USD


Setup in eWAY

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Once you have an eWAY account, you’ll need to activate your Refund Password if you have not already. This allows you to process refunds from within Checkfront while viewing a reservation through the Booking Manager.

This can be found by logging into your eWAY account and navigating to My Account > eWAY Passwords > XML Refund Password. Provide a password, and make sure XML Refund Status is set to Active. If you have already created a refund password, you will need to provide your eWAY account password in order to change it.




Setup in Checkfront

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To enable the eWAY add-on, log in to your Checkfront account and navigate to the Manage > E-Commerce screen. From there you will see a list of available payment gateways.



Select eWAY and supply the information requested.

Your API Key and API Password can be found in your eWAY account at My Account > API Key.



Please contact eWAY directly if you are unable to locate this information.

Make sure you have enabled payment processing, and setup any appropriate taxes in the Manage > E-Commerce section of Checkfront.


Test Mode

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It’s highly recommended that you do an end-to-end test of your check out process before putting your site live. To do so, follow the setup instructions above and check Enable sandbox (test) mode.

One thing to note here – make sure you set your Transaction Responses to Always Approve under Settings > Sandbox. If you don’t do this, the sandbox mode will not work properly.



Create a transaction as a customer and check to see that it shows up in your Checkfront account as paid, and within eWAY also. If you don’t have a website to test on yet, use the hosted booking page (eg: https://yourcompany.checkfront.com/reserve/) to test.


Test Card Numbers

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You can use the following test credit card numbers when testing your eWAY enabled checkout:

Visa Test Card: 4030 0000 1000 1234

Make sure your expiry date is in the future, and use 123 for the CVC.

* Always remember to take your account out of test mode when you are finished.


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