Estimated reading time: 3 min is a premium payment gateway service provider allowing merchants in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Europe & Australia to accept credit card payments through their website.

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In order to get started, you’ll need your API Login ID and Transaction Key from your account. To obtain these, Login to your account select the Account menu and navigate to API Login ID and Transaction Key under Security Settings.


Authorize API

Note the API Login ID. To retrieve the API Key, enter your answer to the secret question and click Submit.


Authorize Trans Key

Assuming you answered the question correctly, the transaction key will now be displayed on the screen.


Authorize Question

Once you have the API Login ID and API Key, head back over to Checkfront.


Checkfront Setup

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To enable in Checkfront, login to your account and navigate to Manage > E-Commerce. Make sure the Payment tab is selected at the top.


Authorize Tile

You may be presented with a couple of recommended payment gateways, depending on your locale. Just below this is a link to more payment methods that are available to you.

Locate the tile and click on the button to open the setup window.


Authorize Setup Window Login ID

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Enter the login ID you obtained in the previous step. Key

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Enter the key you obtained in the previous step.


Payment Type

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Select whether you would like to authorize and capture your transactions or authorize them only. The answer to this will depend on how you operate your payment system. Most businesses will most likely use authorize and capture.

• Authorize and CaptureThis allows you to authorize the payable amount and also charge the card immediately for a partial or full payment.
• Authorize Only This type of transaction creates an authorization with the card issuing bank that holds the funds until you wish to manually capture them. An authorization is valid for 30 days, until the transaction is captured or voided. If the authorization exceeds 30 days with no merchant action, its status will change to Expired, in which case, the transaction is no longer available for settlement.


Enable CIM

Back to top CIM is a service that allows you to store sensitive customer information, in this case the credit card details, as a token for later use. You can take a deposit at the time of booking and then charge the final balance at a later date, without needing to obtain the card details again.

If you are signed up for this service with, check the box.


Enable Sandbox Mode

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It’s highly recommended that you do an end-to-end test of your checkout before putting your site live. To do so, follow the setup instructions above and check Enable Sandbox Mode. You must also put your account in TEST mode. To do this, return to your account and revisit the Account menu. Look for the section labelled Security Settings and click on the Test Mode link.


Authorize Test Home

On the next page, flick the switch over to Test.


Authorize Live

You will now see a confirmation above that the account is in test mode.


Authorize Test

Once the payment module is enabled, remember to enable payment processing at Manage > E-commerce in your Checkfront dashboard.


Test Transaction

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Create a transaction as a customer would and check to see that it shows up in your Checkfront account as paid. The transaction should also appear within your account. If you don’t have a website to test on yet, use the hosted booking page eg:


Test Card Numbers

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You can use the following test credit card numbers when testing your checkout:

Visa: 4007000000027
Amex: 370000000000002
Maestro: 6759649826438453

You can use any CVC code, and an expiry date in the future.

* Always remember to take your account out of sandbox mode when you are finished.


Response/Receipt URLs

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Upon payment, Checkfront sends the customer to a booking receipt page. You should therefore NOT supply a custom receipt page within You should be using the Default Receipt URL and the Default Relay Response URL to ensure the booking is completed.


Email Receipts

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Checkfront can be configured (and is by default) to send customers and administrators email receipts. This provides more information on the booking than can be supplied by It’s generally recommended to turn off e-mail receipts within so your customers don’t get multiple receipts at once.


Settlement & Refunds

Back to top does batch settlements to your account daily. When a payment is processed it goes to a status of CAPTURED. At the end of the day, all transactions are posted and changed to the status of SETTLED. You can see unsettled transactions by logging into your account and clicking on “Unsettled Transactions” in the left-hand sidebar.


Authorize Unsettled

Unsettled Transactions cannot be partially refunded — they can only be voided so they don’t settle. If you wish to make a partial refund, you’ll need to wait until the next day when the transaction has settled. Unfortunately, there is no way to query at this point to determine the state of a transaction before applying a refund. If you attempt a partial refund on the same day a transaction is made the full transaction will be returned.

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