Purge System Records

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Permanently Bulk Delete Records

There may be times when it’s necessary to delete data from your Checkfront account. Such a time may be at the end of your free 21-day trial. No doubt you will have created a series of test bookings to thoroughly try out the system. Obviously, these bookings will affect your stats and reporting, so it’s important to remove the data from your account.

The ensure the safety and integrity of your account data, only accounts with full administrative priviliges have the ability to purge data.


But how do you do that? Surely you don’t have to go through and individually cancel/void each booking you’ve made? Well, thankfully not! What you need to do is purge the data from the system by visiting Manage > System in your Checkfront dashboard. From here, look for the Database Size label and click on the Admin link to the right of it.



This will bring you to the following screen:



You now have the choice to delete just some or all of your data sets. To begin, check the boxes to the left of the data sets you wish to purge.

Once you have purged data you can not restore it. Use with caution and be sure to take a backup at Manage > System > Export before you continue.


When ready, enter your password below the records table and click Purge Records.



Once your data has been deleted, it cannot be restored. We highly recommend you create a backup of your data before proceeding. This cannot be re-imported into your or any other Checkfront account, but you will have the information for external use should you need it.

To export your data click on the Export Backup button in the left sidebar or navigate to Manage > System > Export.

Deleting an Individual Booking

If you need to delete an individual booking, rather than all the bookings in your system, please refer to this support document.

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