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The Accounts page is a central hub for managing your staff accounts. From here you can manage a staff member’s contact details, change their account permissions and view a report of the bookings they have made.

You can view this page at Manage > Accounts > Staff Accounts


From the initial accounts view you can see a staff member’s login ID, name and email address, number of bookings made, the last time/location they logged in, whether or not Two Factor Authentication is active and the level of permissions currently enabled on their account.


Adding a New Staff Member

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To add a new staff member, click on the + New Staff button in the left sidebar.



You can add as many new staff members as required up to the limits of your account subscription. There is also a link in the sidebar to upgrade your account should you require more staff accounts.

Next, enter the credentials for your new staff member in the fields provided.


This is a unique ID your staff member will enter when logging into their account as an alternative to their email address. This ID also identifies who the staff account belongs to.


First & Last Name

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Self-explanatory. Put the first and last name of the staff member in these fields.


Staff member’s email address. Used for notifications and internal communications.


Password the staff member will use to access their account. This can be changed in their profile later on. The password should not be the same as any other staff member’s password. The password must be confirmed in the next field and should consist of random letters, numbers and symbols.


The more complicated the password it is, the higher the password strength will be. The strength must score a 50 or more in order to be accepted.


A short unique name used in reports and notes.


Mobile Phone

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Enter the staff member’s mobile phone number here if you wish to use SMS notifications. The third party Twilio add-on is required for this.


Snapshot Email

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A recurring e-mail report with a summary of statistics and activity on Checkfront. Use the select box to choose the day of the week you’d like your staff member to receive this. You also have the option to choose never.


Finally, if you wish this staff member to receive e-mails regarding important Checkfront service updates and announcements, check the box provided.




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After saving the staff member credentials in the previous step, a new button will appear at the top of the screen labelled Permissions (available in Checkfront version 3.8 and up).




By default, the new account will be configured with Administrator privileges. This gives the staff member full access to the system. To change this, click on the radio button labelled Custom (Restricted).




You can uncheck any of the general permissions that you do not wish to apply to the staff member, as seen in the screenshot above.

You are also able to choose category and item permissions for your staff member. You can uncheck an entire category so that the staff member does not have access to it or any of the items inside (1).




Or, you can leave the category checked, but uncheck specific items only within the category (2). From that point on, the staff member will not have access to anything you have unchecked here.


Two-Factor Authentication

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Two-Factor Authentication is an additional account security measure, above and beyond your standard username and password. With this feature, your smartphone is also required to access your account.




After entering your username and password, you will be required to obtain a six-digit passcode by one of two methods:

1) Google Authenticator app

2) A simple text message

Setup is easy and the feature adds an added layer of security to help keep your account information safe and private.

For full details on how to activate and use the service, please visit our Two-Factor Authentication user guide.


Archiving a Staff Member

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If you wish to remove a staff member from the system (archive), you can do so with a couple of simple steps.

Navigate to the staff member’s account and look over in the left sidebar. You’ll see an orange button labeled Archive.



Click on this button and then confirm the process when prompted.



You’ll now see a confirmation message on the screen. If you change your mind, simply click on the blue Un-archive button.



To access your archived staff accounts at a later date, click on the Show drop-down menu from the staff accounts screen and choose Archived.




The columns menu allows you to choose exactly which information is and isn’t included in the report you are generating.

Simply check a column to include it in the report or uncheck it to leave it out. You can change this on a report by report basis if you like.




To reorder the columns in your report, click and hold your mouse over the “dots” by each column title and drag it to where you’d like it to be. Click save when ready and your report should be updated with the changes you’ve made.


Accounts Export


You can export a report of your staff accounts using the link in the top right corner, next to the columns button. You are able to enter a name for the report and choose the output format. Current formats include:

• MS Excel
• MS Word

The report can be saved to your computer, an email or Google Drive.


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