Customer Accounts

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Customer accounts provide your clients with the ability to log in and manage their own bookings and contact information. This is a feature that needs to be enabled in your account, if you wish to use it but is not active by default.

Once it is active, your customers can create an account and record their contact details for future use. They can also see a complete record of their previous bookings and even manage their pending bookings based on the parameters you choose during the initial feature setup.


Feature Activation

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To activate the customer accounts feature in Checkfront, navigate to Manage > Accounts in your main menu. From here, click on the Customer Accounts tab.



If you’re activating the feature for the first time, there will be no customer accounts available for management.

To continue activation, click on the Customer Account Settings button in the left sidebar.



Customer Account Settings

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Under the Customer Logins field, select the Enabled radio button to enable customer logins and activate the additional setup options, as seen in the image below:



If you wish, you can require your customers to verify their email address before a new account can be created. This can help prevent any fraudulent accounts from being opened by those who are not there to conduct serious business!

To activate this, set the Email Verification radio button to Enabled. From this point on, any new accounts must go through a brief verification process whereby a customer must click on a link in an email before account creation can be completed.



Once the link has been clicked on by the customer, their account will be active and they will be able to log in.


Customer Account Confirm


Booking Modification & Cancellation

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The amount of flexibility you provide your customers when it comes to modifying a booking is completely up to you. You can allow them to modify a booking or even go ahead and cancel it.

If you’d like to offer this feature, check the appropriate box(es) and select the number of days from the start date. For example, you can check the box to allow booking modifications and select a limit of up to 2 days before the booking date.




Show Bookings with “PRE” Status

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When a booking is incomplete, possibly abandoned by the customer, it will sit with the status PRE.




This means it is a pre-booking. If you wish to show pre-bookings in customer accounts, check this option.


Prevent Booking Modification by Status

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In addition to a time-based period, booking modifications can also be limited to status.

From the drop-down menu, check off the statuses that will prevent a booking from being modified. For example, if you check PAID, any bookings with that status will not be able to be modified or canceled by the customer. In this case, they must contact you directly to make such changes through the backend.




Require Customer Account

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Finally, you have the option to require customers to use a customer account when making a booking. With this option checked, the customer will be asked to log in upon arriving at the booking page.

If this is their first visit, they can simply click on the Create an Account button to proceed.



Creating an Account

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There are two ways to create a new customer account in Checkfront, an account created by the customer themselves and an account created by you or your staff members.


Customer Created Account

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In the previous step, we looked at how a customer can be required to create their own account prior to making their first booking with your business.

If you don’t have this requirement in place, a customer can still create a new account for themselves by clicking on the Login link from the booking page and then Create an Account from the pop-up window.



So that’s how a customer can create their own account within your system.


Please Note:

Whenever a customer logs in through an embedded booking portal in your website, they will be redirected to the Checkfront /reserve page to complete the process, unless the website is served over HTTPS with an SSL certificate. This is a security requirement.


Business Created Account

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There may be times where you would like to create a new account on behalf of the customer. To do that, navigate to the Customer Accounts home page at Manage > Accounts > Customer Accounts and click on the + New Customer Account button in the left sidebar.



Regardless of how the new customer account is created, the required credentials are the same.



The email address will be used by the customer to log into their account. As a password is entered into the password field, a strength indicator tool will appear to grade the quality of the password. The password must receive a rating of 50 or more to be accepted. A higher score is generated by the use of random letters, numbers, and symbols.




Once the customer account has been successfully created, it will appear in the list of other customer accounts on the feature home screen.



Direct Customer Login:

When a customer wants to login, they can either click on the Login link, as described earlier, or you can also point your customers directly to the customer account login modal using a custom URL on your website. To do this, use the URL:

Just make sure you replace demo with your own account!


Account Management

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Customer account profiles can be managed and maintained in two ways, by the customer themselves or by a staff member in your organization.

Profile Management By Customer

A customer can manage their own profile by visiting your booking page and clicking on the Log In link in the top right corner. After successfully entering their login credentials, the customer will be logged into the account and the Log In link will be replaced by their name.



Clicking on this link will bring up a drop-down menu with a Profile link. Click on this to enter the profile edit mode.

The customer account profile is divided up into 3 sections – Bookings, Account and Saved Information.


Bookings Tab

This section enables your customer to view any bookings that are attributed to them. Clicking on the link in the Booking Code column will open up the invoice for a more detailed view.



If you have opted to allow booking modifications and/or cancellations, and providing the current date is not outside the limits you configured, additional links will be visible to provide access to these features.


Booking Cancellation

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To cancel a booking, all the customer needs to do is click on the Cancel Booking link beneath the status of their reservation. This link will only appear if your settings allow. These settings can include date limitations as well as restrictions on booking status.



Once the link has been clicked on, the customer will receive a pop-up alert asking them to confirm the booking cancellation.




When the cancellation is complete, the booking status will be updated to reflect this.


Please Note:

A refund of any monies paid is not automatically triggered for the customer. They will still need to contact you so the refund can be issued through your system backend.


Booking Modification

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If a booking is editable by a customer, they will see an Edit This Booking link appear to the top right of the invoice.




Clicking on this link will bring the customer to the Edit Booking screen.

Under the first tab, Booking Items, the customer can either edit the items currently on the invoice, or add new ones to extend their booking.


An item can be added to the invoice by clicking on the + Add Item button, top right.




From the pop-up window, it’s as simple as selecting a category/item, the start/end date, and relevant booking parameters.




When ready, the customer can click Save to add the new item to their invoice.

The invoice total will be updated and a new balance will be available for payment.





Edit Item

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An item on the invoice can be edited by clicking on the Edit Item button, to its right.




Editing an item is similar to adding a new one. The customer can change the item that they have booked, or remove it from the invoice altogether. Whichever option they choose, the balance will adjust automatically on the invoice. The customer can then apply an additional payment or contact you for a refund.





Booking Form

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In addition to editing the items on the invoice, the customer also has the ability to edit their contact details.

They can do this by clicking on the Booking Form tab in the Edit Booking screen.





Account Tab

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The Account tab is where a customer can update their personal information such as their name, email address, account password and language preference.




Saved Information Tab

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The Saved Information tab allows a customer to enter their personal details for autofill during future bookings. This saves the customer time during future reservations, as they will not need to fill out the information each time.




Profile Management By Organization

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A customer account can also be managed by the organisation at Manage > Accounts > Customer Accounts




Click on the customer name to open their account details.


Staff members can change the display name for the customer, as well as their email address and password.

It’s also possible to see a list of bookings associated with a particular customer by clicking on the Customer’s Bookings button in the left sidebar.



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