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The Checkfront Invoice layout can be customized to better suit the needs of your business. To make these customizations visit Manage > Layout > Invoice in your Checkfront dashboard. If activated, a copy of the booking invoice will be emailed to your customers once a booking is complete. It’s, therefore, important to keep your company details and booking policy up-to-date in order to avoid any potential confusion down the line.




Invoice Title

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When picking a title for your invoice it’s probably best to pick something that makes sense to your business.




This title will be visible on the customer’s invoice, so enter a title in this field that will make sense to them.


Layout Invoice Title


In the above example we’ve used Booking Invoice.


Print Logo

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For a complete branding experience, it’s possible to add a company logo to your invoice. This logo will only appear on printed invoices, just above the company name.

To add a new logo, click on the Choose File button and select the logo from your computer. You can remove the current logo, if you have one in place, by clicking on the Delete button.




Please note, the logo currently prints in grayscale only.


Layout Invoice Print Logo



Company Details

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Enter your business address and any other relevant details for display on the invoice.




This will be displayed directly underneath the company name as seen in the image below.


Layout Invoice Title


Hide Heading Text


Layout Invoice Remove Header


Check this box if you wish to hide your business name from the invoice. This is the name you entered on the Manage > Setup page. This option is best used if your printed logo is a word that basically says the same thing as your company name.


There are various options which can be selected to further customize your invoice.




Pay Now Link:

Adds a button to the invoice which enables your customers to click and pay any remaining balance on their invoice. The button will be located under the balance due on the invoice.




PDF Link:

Adds a button that allows the customer to create a PDF document of the invoice for printing purposes.




Print in Colour:

By default, the invoice will be converted to grayscale for printing. Selecting this option will print the invoice in colour instead. The logo will remain in grayscale if you have chosen to include it.

Show SKU:

Selecting this option will add the item’s SKU directly beneath its title on the invoice.




Show Item Location:

If you have entered the location of an item in your inventory, under the item’s Media tab, you may choose to have this displayed on the invoice. This is great for accommodatio items or rental pickup locations.




Link to Create Another Booking:

Check this option to enable a link which can be clicked on by a customer to create another booking upon completion of their current booking. Once they have completed their booking through the online booking portal, a copy of the invoice will be displayed on the screen. The link will be visible in the sidebar on the right.


Create Another


Enable Staff Ticket Printing:

If you select this feature, a link will be added to the backend invoices visible to your staff members. This link will enable them to print a ticket that can then be given to the customer.


Print Tickets


These tickets are great for tour operators with drop-in customers who need a ticket to show the tour guide upon arrival at the meeting location.




If your QR Code add-on is activated, each ticket will have one embedded in it. This can be scanned by a staff member to pull up the related invoice and optionally check the guest in automatically.


Item Sorting Order

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By making use of this feature, you can choose how you wish the items on a customer’s invoice to be displayed. You can select from the name (alphabetical order), start and end dates, the amount (item total), as entered (order in which the items were added to the invoice) or start date, as entered.




The Policy section is where you add your terms and conditions. These will be displayed to the customer during the booking process. By default, the customer does not need to accept the policy before continuing with the booking. If you like, you can enable the option labelled Require this policy to be accepted to proceed with booking (checkbox). This will add a checkbox to the page which must be checked by the customer to acknowledge the fact they’ve read and agree to the booking policy.


Layout Invoice Policy

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