Customer Directory

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The Customer Directory is your central hub for storing customer records. A new record is created for a customer the first time they make a booking with you. After that, all subsequent bookings by that customer will be added to the existing profile, providing they book using the same email address which is the primary account identifier.


Customer Directory


Country Filter

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If you’d like to filter your customers based on country, you can do so using the Countries button. Just click on that to reveal a drop-down menu of all the countries from which you have a customer. Make your selection to filter the list of results.


Customer Country Filter


Customer A-Z

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Another way to filter your customer list is by name. Click on the Customer A-Z button to open a drop-down list of the alphabet letters. Any letter you choose corresponds to the first letter of the customer’s first name. In the image below, we selected the letter ‘D’.


Customer AZ


Searching For a Customer

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The final way to filter your customer list is to search by name. You can enter the first or last name as both will find the result you’re looking for. Type in the name, hit ‘enter’ and the list will be displayed.


Customer Search


Locked Booking Statuses

If a new customer creates a booking in your system and that booking status is not locked, the new customer will not be added to your Customer Directory. If you are experiencing issues with missing customers in your directory, double check your booking statuses to make sure they are locked as expected.


Customer Record

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Clicking on a customer’s name in your report will open up their customer record in a new screen. From here, you can view all bookings associated with that customer. Again, this is dependant on the email address they use each time. If a different email address is used, a separate customer record will be created. To view a booking in more detail, simply click on it to open up the invoice view.


Customer Record


Creating a New Booking

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From the customer record screen, you can also create a new booking using the customer’s previously entered information. To create a new booking, click on the + New Booking button in the left sidebar.


Customer Directory New Booking


Editing a Customer Record

Editing the customer record is also very easy. Simply click on the blue pen icon next to the field you wish to edit. This will put that field into edit mode. Make your changes and then click on the checkmark.


Customer Details Edit



Editing the customer record will not update previous bookings by that customer. The address entered for a previous booking will remain the same, unless you pull up that invoice and edit it manually.


It’s not currently possible to add a staff note to a customer record. Staff notes may, however, be added to a customer’s invoice on a per booking basis.


Deleting a Customer Record

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You can also find a Delete button in the left page column should you decide to delete this customer from your system. Doing so will not delete previous bookings from the system.

Duplicate Customer

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From time to time, customers may rebook with you under a different name or a variation of their name. They will, however, use the same email address. In such a case, the system will recognize a potential duplicate customer and display a Duplicate Entry link in the customer record.


Customer Duplicate


Click on that link to reveal the potential duplicate. Check the box next to any records that you believe to be a duplicate and click Merge Into Current Profile. The two records (or more) will then be merged together into one.


Detach Booking

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If you realize a booking has been added to the wrong customer account or would like to break up a single customer’s bookings into separate customer accounts, you can do so via the Detach button, next to each booking in the customer record.


Customer Bookings Detach


Once a booking has been detached, a new customer record will be created using the same customer name and email address as before. You can update the rest of the customer details as you wish.


Customer Detached Booking


Detaching a booking will create a new duplicate entry in the system. Follow the instructions above to merge the duplicates back together again, if this becomes necessary in the future.



Data Columns

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The Columns menu allows you to choose exactly which information is and isn’t included in the report you are generating.

You can choose to display the standard system fields that come with Checkfront, or not. Simply check a column to include it in the report or uncheck it to leave it out. You can change this on a report by report basis if you like.



To reorder the columns in your report, click and hold your mouse over the “dots” by each column title and drag it to where you’d like it to be. Click save when ready and your report should be updated with the changes you’ve made.

You can export a report from your customer directory using the link in the top right corner, next to the columns button.


You are able to enter a name for the report and choose the output format.


Customer Export


Current formats include:

• MS Excel

The report can be saved to your computer, an email or Google Drive.


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