Inventory Calendar

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The inventory calendar is accessible through the main menu at Calendar > Inventory and is a birds-eye view of your bookings, showing the number of items available for a given day.

Inventory Calendar

Your inventory is arranged by category and the number in each column corresponds to the number of items available for that day. The colour represents, at a glance, the availability of the item(s).


Inventory Calendar Colour Chart


Date Filter

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You can use the date filter in the inventory calendar to select the date for which your report should begin.

Inventory Calendar Date

Click on the date filter field to open the calendar and make your selection.


The display drop-down menu enables you to choose how much data should be shown in your report. You may choose from one to six weeks.

Inventory Calendar Display

If you’d like to view the availability for just the items in one particular category, you can do so by selecting one from the Category menu.

Inventory Calendar Category

If you have a lot of items and want to view the availability for something in particular, you can use the Search field to locate it. Type in your search term and press ‘enter’ to display the results.

Inventory Calendar Search

Adjusting Available Inventory

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If you have inventory editing privileges, you are able to adjust the amount of stock remaining on a particular item. Click on a day in the inventory calendar to open the edit window.


Stock Remaining


You can increase or decrease the stock remaining for the given day. Make your adjustments in the Stock Remaining field and click Save. Setting the quantity to 0 will sell out bookings for this item on the day selected.

Also in the edit window, you can, in addition to simply adjusting the remaining stock, add a note to remind yourself later, or let other staff members know why the change was made. The staff member’s name and date/time of change will be recorded along with the note.


Inventory Note

Adjusting Inventory on a per Timeslot Basis

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If you have any items in your inventory based on an hourly or timeslot configuration, you can adjust the availability on a per timeslot basis.

Timeslot Management

As you can see in the image above, the inventory is updated for each individual timeslot as the bookings come in.

If you’d like to manually adjust the inventory for multiple timeslots at the same time, click on the inventory square for the main item, rather than a timeslot, as highlighted below.

Main Timeslot Select

This will bring up the edit window and a list of timeslots with a checkbox by each. You can uncheck any timeslots you don’t wish to update and then adjust the stock in the field below.


Multiple Timeslot Adjust


When you click Save, any timeslots that were checked, will be updated as per the Adjust Stock By field.


Noteworthy Behaviour

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When an update is made to your inventory stock, a note is created to acknowledge this. It’s worth noting how these will be presented, though, based on how you choose to update the inventory.

Updating Individual Timeslots

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When you update the stock level on an individual time slot, you will see in the notes section of the parent item, a specific note outlining the change to that time slot.




Updating Parent Item

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When you update the stock level on the parent item, this will also update the stock levels for each individual time slot within that item.




However, when reviewing the note section for the item, after such an update, you will only see a general message outlining how the stock was adjusted across the board (see below).




Cells with a small triangle in the top right corner depict an item that has had the inventory manually adjusted for that particular day.

Triangle Zoom

It’s also possible to begin a new internal booking from this edit window. Click on the New Booking link to open up the reservation screen and get started.


Inventory Calendar New Booking



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