Customer Calendar

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The customer calendar is accessible through the main menu at Calendar > Customer



It is a Gantt style view of bookings by customer. Each booking is represented by the customer name, booking status (colour), and will span the number of days for the booking.


If your item is configured with a nightly allocation, the booking will overlap slightly into the day following the last day of the booking (see image below). This represents the check-out day which is not actually part of the paid booking. That day is still available to be booked again by somebody else.


Day Overlap Loupe

Date Filter

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You can use the date filter in the inventory calendar to select the date for which your report should begin.


Customer Calendar Date


Click on the date filter field to open the calendar and make your selection.


The show drop-down menu enables you to choose how much data should be displayed in your report. You may choose from one to six weeks.



If you’d like to view the availability for just the items in one particular category, you can do so by selecting one from the Category menu.



Show Empty Items

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Selecting Show empty items will display all dates on the calendar, whether they have a booking or not. Unchecking this option will only populate the calendar with items that have bookings for the time period selected.



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