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It may be necessary to take notes when a new booking is made, whether it’s in the backend or a customer booking through your website. Checkfront makes this easy with the system notes field that comes with the booking form.

Once created, the note can be found to the right of the invoice when viewing the booking. You can also add new notes from here.


Booking Notes Side


The report at Booking > Notes shows all the notes added to your bookings for the chosen timeframe.



Date Filter

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To select your timeframe, click on the Date button.

From the drop-down menu, you can choose from a variety of pre-defined date ranges. Or, you can select the Custom option, which will generate 2 new buttons to the right – one for the start date and one for the end date. Click on these to open up the calendar. You will see two months side-by-side. Use the small black arrows to navigate back and forth between the months.


Next to the date button is a button labelled Account. Clicking here will open a dropdown menu which allows you to view notes of a particular staff member only.


Search Notes

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Next to the Account button is a Search field. To find a specific note, or series of notes containing a certain keyword(s), enter the search term in this field and press ‘enter’. Any positive results will be displayed below.


You can export a report from your notes page using the link in the top right corner.

Booking Notes Export

You are able to enter a name for the report and choose the output format. Current formats include:

•  MS Excel

The report can be saved to your computer, an email or Google Drive.


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