Daily Summary

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The Daily Summary offers slightly more detail than the Daily List. At the top of the report, you will see a summary of the items booked for that particular day. This includes a series of green bars which show you at a glance the level of availability for each individual item. This is a great way to see how your tours are filling up!



Let’s have a look at the other options available through this screen and how you can get the most out of the reports you’re generating.

Date Filter

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The date filter, in most of the other reports, allows you to choose a date range for which to view your data. The Daily Summary, however, is a report that focuses on a very specific day. You can choose this date from the drop-down calendar.

There are actually two steps involved when selecting a date:



1) Date Filter. Do you wish to display bookings for the day which is starting, ending or currently in progress?

2) Select your date from the drop-down calendar. Two months are displayed side-by-side and you can use the little black arrows to move back and forth.

Data Columns

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With the Daily Summary Report, you actually have the ability to display any of the data columns from your booking form, above and beyond the standard fields which come with the report by default. Let’s have a quick look at the main data columns which will come in most useful to the average system user:
ID: Reference number for the booking in question. This is a clickable link which will take you directly to the invoice.

Item: Item booked by the customer, as well as the category it belongs to displayed underneath in a slightly smaller font.

Customer: Name of the customer for which the booking belongs to.

Item Total: Total dollar amount of items booked, including and taxes and discounts.

Qty: Quantity of items booked.

Status: Current status of the booking.

Note: Any notes attributed to the booking. These include manual notes entered by the staff, as well as system notes such as the checking in or out of the customer.

Check-in Time: Time the customer checked in.

Check-out Time: Time the customer checked out.

Check-in Status: Current status of the check-in. Shows whether the customer is currently checked in or out and at what time that occurred.

The columns menu allows you to choose exactly which information is and isn’t included in the report you are generating.

You can choose to display the standard system fields that come with Checkfront and/or any custom fields you have created on your booking form at Manage > Layout > Booking Form. Simply check a column to include it in the report or uncheck it to leave it out. You can change this on a report by report basis if you like.



To reorder the columns in your report, click and hold your mouse over the “dots” by each column title and drag it to where you’d like it to be. Click save when ready and your report should be updated with the changes you’ve made.

Bulk Update

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The bulk update feature can be accessed by checking off at least one of the bookings displayed in your report (1). After checking the first item by clicking on the circle in the ID column, a new button will appear, depicted by 3 horizontal lines (2).



Once you’ve clicked on this button, you will see a pop-up window appear with a variety of available options. They are as follows:
Add Note: Add a quick note to all selected bookings in one go.

Batch Print Invoices: Creates a batch of all selected bookings, ready to print.

Update Status: Update the selected bookings status. Uncheck Deliver Notifications to prevent a confirmation being sent to the customer.

Check-in: Checks in all selected bookings. Great for the arrival of a coach party.

Check-out: Checks out all selected bookings at once.

Daily Summary Bulk Update


Changes to one of the above options will be applied across all items that you have selected in your list of bookings.

The booklet enables you to select a number of bookings and compile them into a report that can be flipped through on the computer screen as if they had been printed on as an actual paper booklet.



You can advance/go back through the pages of the report by either clicking in the top outermost corner of each page or by using the arrow keys on your keyboard. Click return to report to close this view and return to the daily list page.


Daily Summary Booklet


You can export a report from your bookmarks page using the link in the top right corner, next to the columns button.



You are able to enter a name for the report and choose the output format.


Daily Summary Export Dialog


Current formats include:

• MS Excel

The report can be saved to your computer, an email or Google Drive.

To open the report after export, click on the Open checkbox.

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