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The Salesforce add-on provides the ability to automatically create new customers (or update existing ones) in Salesforce when a booking is created via Checkfront.

This will ensure your customer records are kept in sync, and you can take full advantage of the many advanced customer management tools Salesforce has to offer.

Currently, to make use of this add-on, you must have an Enterprise, Unlimited or any other account with Salesforce, that provides API access.


When enabled, a new account is created in Salesforce after a booking is made. A personal contact is created under the account, along with an event that is tied to the booking date and details. You can further customize this in your Checkfront setup. Please note, an email or phone number must be supplied to create or update the account.

Setup is quick and easy and requires the installation of a Checkfront package in Salesforce. Follow the instructions below to find out how to do this and get your integration up and running in no time!


To enable the Salesforce extension, navigate to Manage > Add-ons in your Checkfront dashboard and click on Setup in the Salesforce tile.


Before clicking on the activate button, you must first click Install the Checkfront Salesforce Package link. This will take you into your Salesforce account where you can proceed to install the Checkfront package.
Salesforce Installation

Click the Continue button to move on to the next step.
Salesforce API

Next, you must approve the package API access. Simply click Next to continue.
Salesforce Install 2

In step 2, you’ll see the view above. Click Install to continue with the package installation. The system will now proceed to install the package.
Salesforce Complete

When the package installation is complete, you’ll receive a confirmation similar to that above.

You can now go ahead and complete the activation in Checkfront.

Check the boxes to allow Checkfront to create accounts, contacts and events in Salesforce, then click Activate.


Salesforce will now display a message to let you know that Checkfront is requesting permission to access your basic information and manage data on your behalf. Click the Allow button.
Salesforce Allow

Setup is now complete!

Using the Salesforce Add-on

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To test your setup, create a new booking and set the status to Reserved or Paid. You should see the new data appear in Salesforce, as well as an entry and your activity or booking log.

Currently, to make use of this package, you must have an Enterprise, Unlimited or another account with Salesforce that provides API access.

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