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QuickBooks Online is a cloud-based accounting solution, enabling users to access and maintain their business finances from anywhere with an internet connection.

Once the add-on is activated in your Checkfront account, bookings and transactions will be automatically synced with QuickBooks Online, allowing you to track reservations and reconcile invoices faster than ever before.

QuickBooks Online is a third-party add-on with a monthly subscription fee. This fee is paid directly to QuickBooks and there are no additional fees for usage with Checkfront.


To activate the QuickBooks Online add-on in your Checkfront account, go to Manage > Add-ons in your main menu. Locate the QuickBooks Online tile, hover over it with your cursor and click the Setup button.




If you’re not already signed in to your QuickBooks Online account, you will see the following pop-up window appear, asking you to do so.




If you are already signed in, or once you’ve signed in through the aforementioned pop-up window, you will see the following pop-up window asking for Intuit’s permission to securely share data with Checkfront.




You will need to click Authorize in order to continue.

Once you’ve done that, you’ll see another pop-up window appear. This time, Checkfront is asking your permission to receive information from Intuit.


qb intuit


Again, you must click Authorize to continue.

Just when you thought you were done with the pop-up windows…

Yes, there’s another one. This is a Checkfront pop-up, asking for permission to grant access to QuickBooks Online.

qb allow

Click Allow to finalize the add-on activation.

The final step is then to configure the default settings for everyday use of the add-on.




Default Sales Item:

This is an item from your Quickbooks Online products and services which will be used as your default sales item.

Default Sales Tax:

If you have configured any sales taxes in your QuickBooks Online account, they will automatically sync with Checkfront and appear in this drop-down menu. Simply choose the default sales tax you would like to use for your bookings.

Create Invoice On:

Any custom and system statuses you have created in your Checkfront account will be available through this menu. When making a selection, you are choosing the status of a booking for which you wish an invoice in QuickBooks Online to be created.


If you would like to suspend the synchronization of transactions between Checkfront and QuickBooks Online, choose this option from the drop-down menu.


Shows the current connection status to QuickBooks Online. If all is well, this should read “Connected to Checkfront Inc.

When ready, click Update to complete the configuration.

Using the Add-on

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The QuickBooks Online add-on is now activated and configured for use in your account. Now, based on the settings we used in the previous step, when a customer makes a reservation and pays for it in full, an invoice and transaction will be automatically created in QuickBooks and synced with Checkfront.




Since the two systems are synced together, any changes you now make to the booking in Checkfront, will automatically (and immediately) be sent across to QuickBooks. Refunding the payment, for example, will make the invoice in QuickBooks unapplied.

You can check the invoice log in Checkfront at any time to make sure these transactions are going through successfully, without needing to check every time in QuickBooks.




When viewing an invoice in Checkfront, you can quickly access the associated invoice in QuickBooks Online by clicking on the View in QuickBooks link below.




Editing an Invoice

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Should you make a change to the booking in Checkfront, those changes will be immediately updated in QuickBooks Online. Let’s take our previous invoice for example. It was a $50 booking, plus tax. The customer called and asked to change the date of their stay. The new date has a higher rate associated with it. That’s fine, so you go ahead and make the change in Checkfront. Now, when you go into QuickBooks to check out the invoice, you will see that these changes and amounts paid have been magically updated without the need for additional data entry on your part!




Transactions work one way only from Checkfront to QuickBooks. If you wish to add a payment to an invoice, or void a transaction, please do so through Checkfront. To learn more about Quickbooks Online, please go here.


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