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2D QR barcodes are a great way to quickly and efficiently check your guests in upon arrival. When activated, the QR code add-on will place a booking specific barcode into your customer’s invoice which can then be scanned by you or your staff using a mobile device.

Activating the Add-on

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To activate the QR barcode add-on, go to Manage > Add-ons in your Checkfront dashboard and click on the Setup link in the QR Barcodes tile.


QR Barcode Activation


You will see the option to choose either grey or black for the QR Code Colour.

One of the more common reasons why a QR code might not scan properly is that there isn’t enough contrast between the foreground and background colours used.

For a QR code to be scanned reliably, the contrast difference between the foreground colour and the background colour must be large enough for the camera, in the scanning device, to be able to identify the QR code pattern against its background.

If the contrast between the foreground and background colours isn’t large enough, the scanning device won’t able to “see” the QR code image against the background and hence won’t be able to scan it and decode it.

Either option offered in the activation window should work just fine. You can see the difference between the two in the image below, grey on the left, black on the right.


Grey Black QR Code


Visually, the grey QR code is generally more appealing and fits slightly better with the overall tone of the invoice. However, some customers may choose to print their invoice on economy mode, meaning the QR code will appear fainter and lose some of its contrast during the printing process. If you are experiencing any difficulties when it comes to scanning these invoices, you may wish to choose the black QR code instead. You can do this by revisiting the add-on activation tile and updating your preference from there.


Using the Add-on

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It’s easy to use the QR barcode add-on for both you and your customers. When active, a barcode will be added to each invoice and is unique to that particular booking. For fast check-in upon arrival at the booking location, the customer can print out the invoice from their email inbox or confirmation screen and present it to one of your staff members. Or, they can simply show the email on their mobile device and the QR barcode can be scanned from there.



Steps to Scan a QR Barcode

1. Grab your mobile device.
2. Open the Checkfront app.
3. Select the scan tool (found in the bottom left corner of the app home screen and looks like a solid square with 4 external corners around it).
4. Scan the customer’s QR barcode.


Bottom iPhone Screen


qr barcodes iphone

Simply hover your device’s camera over the QR barcode, as if you’re taking a picture of it. The code will scan automatically, without the need to press any buttons at all and your customer’s booking information will be presented on the screen. From here, you can review the booking and check-in your customer without needing to update your desktop computer. Any changes made to the booking through a mobile device are instantly updated everywhere else too.

QR Barcodes in Apple Wallet

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If your customer has added their booking to Wallet on their mobile Apple device, the pass will also contain a QR code which can be scanned in the same way as a paper printout.
Wallet Pass iPhone

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