iCal Booking Notifications

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Our iCal notification add-on enables you to embed iCal event requests in your booking notifications. When enabled, an event is attached to the outgoing notification email, with a summary of the booking and the date/time of the event. Similar to a meeting request, your customers can quickly add the booking to their calendar directly from the notification.

iCal events can be read by most common mail and calendar applications, including Gmail, MS Outlook, Apple Mail/iPhone, Blackberry, Yahoo and Thunderbird.


Setup in Checkfront

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To activate the add-on in Checkfront, visit Manage > Add-ons from your main menu. Hover your mouse over the iCal Notifications tile and click on the Setup button.


iCal Notifications Activation


Enter the email of the organizer that will appear in the calendar event and click the blue Activate button.

Once the email notification is received by the customer, they will be able to double click on the iCal link directly below the invoice, to add the booking to their personal calendar.


Calendar Attachment


After clicking on the link, a pop-up window will appear from which the customer can select a specific calendar to add the booking to.

Add Calendar Event

Once added to the calendar, the status of the event will reflect the current status of the booking. If the booking is Pending, for example, it will show in the calendar as Tentative. If the booking is Paid, Reserved or Deposit, it will show as confirmed. If the booking is cancelled and you send a cancellation email, it will also be updated in your customer’s calendar.


The appearance of the iCal link and the process for adding the booking to the calender may vary, depending on the platform with which your customer is working.


The ability to attach an iCal notification can be activated on a per-notification basis. Simply edit the notification as normal and select the option labeled Attach an iCal event request to this e-mail.


Attach an Event


If you want to publish all bookings to your calendar, consider our iCal feed instead.

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