Google Apps Authentication

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This add-on allows you to enable Google Apps as an alternative staff login method. Once activated, staff will be able to login to Checkfront using the Google email address associated with their account. This works for businesses that are using Gmail as their email provider through Google Apps.


Setup in Checkfront

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Activating the Google Apps Authentication add-on in Checkfront is easy. Navigate to Manage > Add-ons in your main menu, hover over the Google Apps Authentication tile and click on the setup button.


Google Apps Authentication


This will open the setup window from which you can configure the add-on for use with your Checkfront account. Enter the domain of your Google Apps account and click on the blue Activate button (as shown above).

In its most basic form, the add-on is now ready for use. From now on, any staff member that has an email address matching the domain you input and is also registered as their account email address in Checkfront, will be able to login to their Checkfront account with this email address.

With Google Apps Authentication activated, the Checkfront login window will now look like this:


Combined Login Window


As you can see, there are now two different ways a staff member can login to their account at Checkfront. They can either click on the Sign in using Google button, or, enter their original Checkfront login credentials i.e. their Login ID and password.

If the staff member chooses the Google option, they will be required to enter their Google Apps login credentials.


Google Sign In


Once they have done this, they will be taken directly to their account in Checkfront.

Only Allow Users From This Domain

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In the add-on setup window, you may have noticed an option labeled Only allow users from this domain.


Only Allow Users


Checking this option makes it a requirement for staff members to use an email address on your company domain when creating an account in Checkfront. This effectively eliminates the use of personal email addresses during account configuration.


Google Apps New Staff Account



Disable Traditional Logins

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If you wish, you can completely disable the traditional Checkfront Login ID and password, thus operating on an entirely Google Apps based login system. To do so, check the box labelled Disable traditional (Checkfront username/password) logins.


Disable Traditional


In order to turn on the Disable Traditional Logins feature, you must first be signed into your Checkfront account via Open ID, i.e. your Google Apps account. If you are logged in via the traditional Checkfront login, the feature will not be available to you.


From that point on, when a staff member visits the Checkfront login screen, they will be automatically redirected to Google to enter their login credentials there.


Our mobile apps do not currently support Google Apps Authentication. As such, when traditional login is disabled, as described above, you will still be able to login via the traditional method through the mobile apps. The disabling only applies to the desktop version of Checkfront.



Disable Google Apps Authentication

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If at some point, you wish to disable Google Apps Authentication and return to the traditional Checkfront login system, all you have to do is head back to the add-on setup window and click on the red Disable button. Simple as that!


Disable Google Apps


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