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Local Expert, by Expedia, enables your customers to plan, reserve and book activities using the inventory in your Checkfront account. Bookings made through Expedia are updated in your Checkfront system, keeping your inventory in sync and up-to-date.

An Expedia Local Expert account is required to activate this add-on, so if you do not currently have an account, visit https://join.localexpertpartnercentral.com to apply for one. Your application will then be reviewed by a member of the Expedia team to assess your company’s eligibility for Local Expert. Once approved by Expedia, you may return to enable the add-on within Checkfront.

Setup In Checkfront

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To configure the add-on in your Checkfront account, navigate to Manage > Add-ons > Service Add-ons, hover over the Expedia tile in the Channel Management section and click on the SETUP link.



If you already have an Expedia Local Expert account, when the activation window pops up, go ahead and click on the blue Activate button, as seen in the screenshot below.



The activation window will then be updated with some configuration options to better streamline the add-on to your requirements.



You’ll see a green button labelled Send Activation Email to Expedia. Click on that and we’ll inform Expedia of your interest in linking your Local Expert account with your Checkfront account. An Expedia representative will reach out to discuss the integration and let you know if any further information is required.

There are two additional options to consider in the modal.


Apply POS Payment

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If you check this option, a POS payment will be applied to all bookings in Checkfront which originated in Expedia.


Status for New Bookings

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This option gives you control over the default booking status of reservations made through Expedia. When a booking arrives in your Checkfront Booking Manager, it will be automatically assigned the status you choose here.

Please note, selecting paid will not automatically register a payment in the Checkfront invoice. You need to have the Apply POS payment option checked for that.

From a Checkfront standpoint, your work is now done. The rest of the activation will be completed on the Expedia end.


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