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From time to time, you may hear from some of your customers that they never received their booking confirmation after completing a reservation through your Checkfront system. This can be frustrating for both you and the customer, so we’ve gone ahead and made it a little bit easier to combat the SPAM with a free email add-on, available to all account plans.


SPF Records & SPAM Control

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Prior to April 26th 2016, notifications and emails were sent from Checkfront on behalf of the main email address configured in your dashboard at Manage > Setup > Company.

Going forward, all notifications will be sent, by default, from the address (yourcompany is a placeholder for your Checkfront account business name). This change should provide better delivery rates as that email address is correctly configured for the best email deliverability.

Should a customer reply to the notification, their response will be sent to the email address supplied at Manage > Setup > Company in your Checkfront account.

You do not need to make any changes in your account to enable this new behavior.


Custom Email Addresses

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Should you wish to send notifications from your own domain, we have included an option to configure a custom email address in your Checkfront account.


Custom email addresses are only an option for customers who own the domain from which they would like to send. Generic email addresses from sites such as and are not supported.


This will require you to login to your domain provider control panel and add two DNS TXT records. Doing so, verifies that you control the domain in question and approve Checkfront to send email on behalf of that domain. If you are not sure how to do this, seek advice from the support team at your domain provider.

The two TXT records you must add are as follows.


SPF TXT Record

This declares that our mail service (Sparkpost) is allowed to send email on your behalf. The record to add to your domain would be:

v=spf1 ~all

If your domain already has an SPF record, it should look like this:

v=spf1 oldrecord ~all

Where oldrecord is the contents of your previous SPF record, for example,


DKIM TXT Record (optional)

This record verifies that Checkfront can send email on your behalf and that the content of the email is unaltered. The DKIM TXT record is customer specific and is generated by our Email add-on.


Email Add-on

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The Email add-on can be found at Manage > Add-ons.

Locate the Email tile, hover your mouse over it and click on the Setup button.


Email Add-on Setup

In the case above, the SPF and DKIM TXT records are properly configured at the domain provider and email is being sent from

However, if we use an email address (from a custom domain), that isn’t configured, you will see something more like this:


Email Custom Setup

Checkfront provides you with the information you need to add to your SPF and DKIM TXT records.


If an SPF record already exists at your domain, you will need to include that in the Checkfront generated record, as shown above.


When you have the information you need from the Checkfront Email add-on, go ahead and create/update the records at your domain provider.

Once you’ve successfully done that, Checkfront will begin to send email from the custom email address.


Email Active

Looking at the example above, you will see that the add-on is active and the two records are Valid.


It can take up to an hour for your SPF/DKIM records to be seen by our servers. Therefore, the update may not happen immediately. Once it does, the status will be updated in the add-on window and the We’ll Send From email address will be updated. Until then, email will continue to send from, or a previously configured custom email address.



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