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Wallet is a mobile application from Apple, designed to store membership cards, tickets, coupons, and reservations — similar to a digital wallet. It’s great for customers because they don’t have to carry around hard copies of their reservations and information is automatically kept up-to-date on their phones. For merchants, it can be a big time-saver for staff and provides a great end-to-end booking experience.

Wallet is a third-party application, created by Apple. To learn more about Apple Wallet and its usage, please review the following external information page.


How Does Wallet Work?

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When a customer adds a Checkfront booking to their Apple Wallet, it stores the reservation on their iPhone or iPod. Upon arrival at your business, your staff can scan, validate and check-in the customer using the built-in bar-code scanner in our native Mobile Apps (iPhone, iPad, Android). This is all communicated to your central Checkfront system, in real time.

Apple Wallet iPhone

As an added bonus, if the booking is changed, the details are updated automatically in the customer’s phone. Your paper receipt can’t do that, can it?

Access to Apple Wallet is made available in Checkfront as an add-on and is offered to all accounts at no extra cost.


Using Apple Wallet with your Checkfront Account

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To activate the Apple Wallet add-on in your Checkfront account, go to Manage > Add-ons > Service Add-ons in your Checkfront dashboard and click on the setup link in the Apple Wallet tile.

Apple Wallet Activate


When the pop-up window appears, all you have to do is click on the blue Activate button to complete the process. Once you’ve done that, the Wallet add-on will be active.

Adding a Reservation to Apple Wallet

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There are a couple of ways a customer can add their reservation to Wallet. They can either add it directly from their mobile device, or add it to iCloud via a desktop computer or laptop.

Once their booking is complete, a confirmation screen will be shown to the customer with an embedded copy of their invoice. Just above this is a button labelled Add to Apple Wallet. The customer must click here to begin either method.

Apple Wallet Online Invoice


Direct From Mobile Device

After clicking on the Add to Apple Wallet button, the customer must enter their email address and click on the Email me my Wallet button.


Add To Apple Wallet


Next, they must open up the email on their mobile device.


Steps to Add the Pass to Wallet:

1. Open the email on the mobile device and click on the Wallet file.
2. After the pass appears on the screen, click on the Add link in the top, right corner.
3. When the customer arrives, your staff simply have to scan the QR code in the pass to check the customer in.


Apple Wallet on iPhone


When viewing the pass inside Wallet, clicking on the information button (bottom right) will show the back of the pass which includes company contact details and the items booked.


From Web Browser


Add To Apple Wallet


Steps to Add the Pass to Wallet:

1. Click on the download it directly link, which is just above the email address field in the screenshot above.
2. Locate the file in your computer’s downloads folder and open it.
3. When the pass appears, click on the Add to Wallet button to complete the process.

Next time the customer opens the Wallet app on their mobile device, the pass will be ready and waiting for them.

Wallet Desktop Event Ticket

Business Use

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When a customer arrives at your business to redeem their reservation, all you need to do is scan the QR code in the pass with your own mobile device and the customer will be checked in. No paper, no fuss.

See our support document on QR Barcode scanning for more information on checking in your customers via a mobile device.


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