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Use the account profile page to manage your own account. From here, you can change your email address, update your password, access support, and generate RSS feeds/iCal links from your booking calendar. The orange star next to some of the fields denotes a required field.

You can enter your account profile by clicking on the button with your name on it to the right side of the main menu bar and selecting Profile from the drop-down menu.

Staff Profile Page

Profile Fields

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First & Last Name

Self-explanatory :) Put your first and last name in these fields.


Login ID

This is the ID you will enter when logging into your account. You cannot login with your email address, which is a common mistake when first using the system. If you are having difficulties signing in, make sure you are using the login ID and not your email address.



Your email address. Used for notifications and internal communications.



A short, unique name, which will be used in various reports and notes.



A photo of yourself for internal use only. This will be displayed next to your account in the Accounts page and also next to any notes you create on an invoice.


Snapshot Email

A recurring email report with a summary of statistics and activity on Checkfront. Use the select box to choose the day of the week you’d like to receive this. You also have the option to choose never.


Mobile Phone

Enter your mobile phone number here if you wish to use SMS notifications. The third party Twilio add-on is required for this.

Your mobile phone number is also a requirement if you wish to use Two-Factor Authentication as an additional security measure when accessing your account. See below for more details.


Two-Factor Authentication

Two-Factor Authentication is an additional account security measure, above and beyond your standard username and password. With this feature, your smartphone is also required to access your account.

After entering your username and password, you will be required to obtain a six-digit passcode by one of two methods:

1. Google Authenticator app

2. A simple text message

Setup is easy and the feature adds an added layer of security to help keep your account information safe and private.

For full details on how to activate and use the service, please visit our Two-Factor Authentication support document.

Changing Your Password

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To change your password, click on the Change Password button in the left sidebar and follow the instructions provided in the pop-up window. You will need to enter your current password and then the new one. The new password must also be confirmed before you can continue.


Change Password


To maintain a high level of security in your account, the password should contain a mixture of letters, numbers, and symbols. The stronger the password, the higher it will score in the coloured strength bar. A password must have a strength of 50 or more, or it will not be accepted.

Once you have finished entering the new password, click Save to finalize the change.

Accessing Support

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You can also access Checkfront Support from the left sidebar.

Accessing Support

From here, you can search the support library, send a question into our support team, or review the most recent system updates.


Access Checkfront Support


iCal Calendar Feeds / RSS Booking Feed

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Just below these buttons are an RSS feed of new bookings and an iCal calendar link for your account.

Available Feeds

This will create a link for all your bookings. For more control, see this document on iCal Subscriptions.

Add a New Account

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To create a new staff account, click on the + Add Account button in the sidebar.

Add a New Account

For detailed information on creating a new staff account, please review this support document.

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