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The billing page provides a record of all your subscription payments to Checkfront as well as the ability to change your plan and update your payment details. From this screen, there are also options to pause your account (hibernate), or close it altogether if you have decided to part ways with Checkfront.

Once logged in, navigate to your Account menu (top right) and click on Billing from the drop-down menu.

Account Billing Menu

The initial billing screen shows your current plan, the start date, next renewal date, your payment method and the subscription amount you are paying on a monthly/annual basis. Directly below this is a list of your invoice receipts including the receipt ID, date of payment and the amount paid.

Billing Plan

Update Payment Details

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Click on the Profile button or Update Payment Details button (left sidebar) to update your billing address and credit card number. Any outstanding and future payments will then be applied to this card.


Checkfront Billing Details



Change Plan

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Click on this button to upgrade/downgrade your Checkfront subscription. For a current list of plans available, please go here. Begin by choosing your plan followed by the billing frequency. You can choose between either a monthly payment or an annual payment. If you choose the annual option, we will bill you for the entire year upfront which includes a 15% discount over the monthly price. If you wish to include a 1 hour configuration/training session for just $99, check the box before clicking on the Pay By Credit Card button.



Contact Accounting

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If you have any questions/concerns regarding the billing on your Checkfront account, you can contact our accounting department directly by clicking on this button in the left sidebar. When clicked, a pop-up window will appear where you can type your message. When ready, click Send and your message will be delivered.

Contact Accounting



Pause Account

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Pausing your account, or Hibernating it, allows you to maintain your data in the off season while suspending your billing. You cannot take new bookings while the account is hibernated, but you can access your historical data in preparation for your next season.

Choose a date for the account re-activation. This must be no more than 6 months in the future. Then check the I wish to hibernate this account now confirmation and Finish to complete the process.

Hibernate Account



Close Account

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If you’ve decided to close your account with Checkfront, for whatever reason, this is the place to do that. We cannot close the account on your behalf so you must come to this page in order to complete the process.

After closing your account, it will be wiped entirely from the system. You should be 100% sure that you wish to completely close your account before proceeding. Please, contact our support team if you have any questions about the usage of your account, before initiating a closure.


Before proceeding, we recommend you take a backup of your data and any of your invoices for tax purposes.

When you are ready to proceed, click on the Close Account button in the left sidebar.

Close Account

You will see a list of options regarding the closure of your account. In this case, you are wanting to completely close your account, so select the radio button labeled I want to permanently close this account.


Permanently Close Account


After clicking Next, you will be taken to a final confirmation page, which you must complete in order for the account to be closed.


Steps to Complete the Account Closure Process:

1. Select a reason for the account closure.
2. Enter any comments you might have for our support staff and development team.
3. Enter your account password.
4. Click on the Yes, I would like to Delete this Company button.


Delete Company


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